Sunday, February 21, 2016

A Burst of Colors! - W.I.P

Sometimes all you need is a little splash of color in your life... Right? Loving how this cheerful garland is turning out! 
I'll start sewing It's main decorations from tomorrow and I'm so excited to start! With this speed, I'll probably complete it before the promised date! *YAY*

I don't usually work on my orders on weekends but yesterday I was working on this 'till late night as I had a bit of silence since my daughter went to bed early. But today I'll put everything down and just enjoy my day being a couch-potato and day dreaming...

Enjoy you lovely Sunday, Sweeties!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Safari Animals for Castiel

So in love with the brightness that this garland brings! It brings so much clarity, a sense of fun and freshness too! Sure to cheer up any room!

Thank you, Felicia, for your wonderful order and wishing you the best during your delivery day!

Another order done and moving on to my next one! My upcoming order will definitely be a challenging one... and quite interesting as well! Time to get my pencils and start sketching and hopefully I come up with a final design that the customer will approve. 
And yes... to avoid unwanted surprises, I usually sketch 2 to 3 designs on how the garland or banner will look like and show it to them before I officially start sewing the pieces together. I have customers who give me the freedom to create some prefer seeing them on paper as It's sometimes hard for them to visualize the final product If you just exchange ideas through messages. Customized banners can be quite intimidating as well as time-consuming specially when they change their mind for the 100th time!  But taking these kind of orders are a great way to expand your inventory and to really engage with your customers, but there are a few points I learned and always keep in mind before taking special orders and would love to share it with you: 

1. To carefully listen to your customers and know what they really want to see (make sure you take notes as well, and repeat them at the final stage of the conversation). 
2. Another thing is to always remember that you are allowed to say 'No' If you feel you are not capable in doing it. Don't stress yourself! Protect yourself and your business!.
3. Customized orders require alot of thinking (valuable time!) and perhaps extra materials you don't have in hand. So, charge accordingly and never undervalue your precious work that took you so much time and effort to make. 
4. And, most importantly, BE PATIENT! Customers can be pretty mean and very demanding and, most of the time, very indecisive ( there goes precious time wasted!). But keeping your cool down is the only way to avoid misunderstandings (and negative feedbacks!), So, remember, your customer service has to shine in whatever you do. This will inspire your buyers to become repeat customers and, who knows, their family and friends might order from you as well.

Anything to add? I Would love to hear your experiences and advice on how you take custom orders  or what you have learned in the comments. 
The best thing about being in this industry is that we never stop learning! <3

See you lovelies soon and wishing you all a blessed Wednesday <3 

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

W.I.P - A Little Sneak on Castiel's Safari Friends

We're half way through the month of February and just a few more orders to go before I am no longer taking custom requests until further notice. Such a heartbreaking thing to say but being an optimist myself, I always look forward for a brighter and fruitful future! All things will end up for the best no matter what you go through! And Crafters Boutique will never close down..It's just diverting to another exciting adventure! 

On my working desk right now is this lovely garland on the process! It was one of my favorite themes to make and I'm so happy they were requested to come back to life! Just a couple of days more and It will be ready to be mailed out to It's new owner <3

Wishing all you babes a wonderful Tuesday!

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Doreamon Name Garland for Edan

Hi Sweeties! How have you all been?

Here's another order done for my latest customer's sister -- Doreamon! Thanks, Joan for being our bridge of communication! LOL!

In case you are wondering how these little tiny bitty bees are made, go ahead and check out this talented crafter to learn > Bee Tutorial By Pauline. Im super amazed on how beautiful and delicate her works are <3 You'll be her fan too once you check it out!

Friday, February 12, 2016

Little Forest Friends Are Back!

Hello, lovelies! Super sorry to be mute these past few weeks! I've been super busy with the orders and some unexpected surprises that I needed to address first. My house wifi had some problems after I came back from my long holiday so I couldn't do much as all of my works are done in the laptop. But here I am! And I'm so glad to be back on track!

Now for something livelier and happy topic! Here's one of the garland done a few weeks ago for baby Leia with our super cute forest friends! I'm so happy they are back in the market and this time with new fur colors! Aren't they cute? In love with the colors! And I'm super happy that her mummy approved! Thanks, Joan!

These past few months have been quite rocky for me. My daughter fell terribly ill due to a throat infection that led her with high fever for 5 days and endless trips to the doctor. My cats caught bladder infections... ugh damn... another pricey bill! But thank God everyone recovered well and they're back to their normal routine. Healthy and active once again <3 That was one big scare for my little one and me!! Thank you for those who patiently waited for their orders to be mailed and thank you for your understanding that family always comes first.
Another surprise that came to our family was a new job offer for my husband. And this offer requires us to move abroad right into the heart of China -- Jiuzhaigou. We are still in the middle of decisions and plannings but hopefully everything with settle for the best. And with this situation that I am into, this little business of mine will have to put on hold for awhile until further notice. Orders that are scheduled until the end of February will still have their orders done ;) don't worry babes! If ever I move overseas, I will no longer take orders for name banners and garlands but I will still continue doing other projects related to felt of course... And all this planning sure got me very excited!

Well lovelies, until next post! I still got a few other works completed to show you so stick around! 
Love you all!