Friday, July 29, 2016

Sliced Cake Bookmark Pattern And My Favorite Daiso Findings Part II

Hello sweet friends! How are you all?

The weekend is almost here and a new pattern is up! I decided to bring the draft drawing of this lovely cake to life and so glad I did it! Originally, it was suppose to be a clip hanger and which the cake was bigger in size.. But I ended up turning it into a bookmark after realizing I lost mine! It's super easy to do and I hope you guys like it!

Ready for some new interesting Daiso findings? So today's findings are one of my favorite can't-live-without-thing and I'm sure you'll agree with me!

One of these things are my studio's life saver (mine too)!
If you're a neat or an organize freak like me, I would definitely recommend buying these. I love storing my pattern sets inside each of these little zipper bags and I love it how it comes with a printed white label for you to write on. The best part of it too, is that It comes in sooo many sizes ( and printed zipper bags too)! It keeps all your patterns organized, labeled and safe from tiny parts disappearing. They come with 35 pieces, It's thick and very durable and my patterns fits mostly in zipper bad code 88.

I love writing thank you notes to my dear customers and Daiso is filled with all these adorable mini envelopes and cards with the most cute patterns ever!
My favorite are the kitty cat pattern from the 'Animal Party' collection! And, as usual, every trip to Daiso means a new set of stickers back home!

Remember my little boy Shamrock?

That adorable washi tape is also from Daiso. A roll of 15meters at MOP$15! And they have so much to choose from! The great part of it is that there are always new designs available! I love when festive seasons are near, specially the Halloween and Christmas washi tapes <3 Great to stick them on gifts and cards!

Heaven!! Look at all those tapes (sorry for the blurry photo, I might have been very excited while I took it) ? And that super cute Hedgehog decoration tape?!

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Kawaii Sea Creatures Pattern And My Favorite Daiso Findings Part I

The weekend is here which means a new pattern is up at the shop! Meet my adorable baby sea creatures! It was so much fun making them and I hope you'll love making them for yourself or for loved ones too!

The PDF file contains 5 patterns, a step-by-step photographs of basic embroidery skills you will need to use, a step-by-step tutorial with full color photos of how to make each of these adorable babies and material list. I promise it's easy as pie! Turn these patterns into anything you like... from bookmarks (exclude the filling), key chains, hanging ornaments to an adorable baby mobile or garland! It's entirely up to you <3

I turned this pattern into this garland/banner...and so loving the colors! I used a single cotton strand to connect the little animals and the pompoms. The wooden pole is 35cm long. I like how it blends with my white wall...kinda looks like they're floating!

Now the second topic I would like to talk about are some crafting materials I found at a bargain that I would love to share with you where I bought them.

This heavenly place I love to buy some of my crafting materials is at the Japanese megastore called Daiso. You see that wooden pole? Daiso. The sparkly pompoms? Daiso. The great part of it is that every item inside that store costs at a flat price of MOP$15 in Macao(I believe in US it will be around $1.50US?) Some bigger items have different prices..but as long that there is no price tag, It means it only costs MOP$15. Its a great bargain! But Daiso Macao is by far the most expensive from all my opinion. I guess It's due to the high monthly rental...

The tentacle beads of this little octopus girl were also bought from Daiso. A set of 6 colors at MOP$15.

Daiso is filled with so much crafty stuff. And it requires a bit of patience to look through every shelf as you might find interesting things. The quality of its product are acceptable...some are very worth buying and some, well... don't last very long. I wouldn't recommend buying felts from Daiso, although they're washable they tend to develop lint balls. If you are a beginner in felt craft, maybe considering purchasing them might be a good idea. You can practice on them first before switching to a much better quality ones. If you're a professional crafter and sell your products to the world, you might want to invest on higher quality felts and cotton threads from a better source.

Another tool I love buying are these water soluble pens. They come in blue and in red. The good side is that they ONLY disappear went they have contact with water, the downside is that you can't notice it on dark fabrics. In that case, I love using the silver color UniGel pens. These water soluble pens really last... I remember having one that lasted me a good 5 months with no pen cover on it!

The only thing I find pretty disappointing about Daiso is that the items takes an unbelievable long time to be restocked. If you need a particular item really bad because you ran out of it, your chances of getting it again are very slim. So If you come across an item, but you still have it at home and you use it alot, my advise is to buy it right away!

There are so much more I would love to share with you all, but let's leave it to the next post :)
Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

New Pattern Sneak...

Hi lovelies! Today I want to share with you what I've been up to lately. Before I start, I wanted to thank those who have been continuously supporting my works since my shop's grand opening... thank you so much. I thank every each one of you, from the bottom of my heart, for giving me reasons to do what I love doing!

So, as mentioned on a few posts back, I marked my calendar to make at least 2 patterns a month. Fingers crossed that I can keep the flow going! The second pattern of the month is nearly finished.. I just need good weather to take some pictures, one last scroll on the tutorial and It's ready to pop by the shop by this weekend!
I had so much fun doing this lovely pattern and I hope you all will love! I've always wanted to this theme so badly but somehow I could not finish it... but here it is! Almost ready for you all!

I think from this little sneak you all had it figured out what theme it is!

I got a few ideas for next month's pattern theme. Got it all drafted up and ready to be traced soon. So excited to be working on it!

In the next post, I'll be sharing with you all some of my favorite crafting materials I love using or used on my works and where you can get them for a bargain! :) So don't miss out!

Monday, July 11, 2016

Matcha Tea And Sakura Flower Cookie Pattern

Hello Lovelies! What are you all up to? Hope you all are well!

Just wanted to stop by and tell you sweeties that a new pattern has been added to my Etsy shop:

Find this adorable food toy pattern here.

Wishing you all a lovely Monday!

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Matcha Tea W.I.P And A Sunny Stroll in Flora Garden

Hello lovelies, how have you all been doing lately? A week has passed by and my little Etsy shop is up and running proudly thanks to you all! I have to admit that it was quite scary and intimidating at first! I was screaming with joy after my first customer popped by and bought some of my patterns! Yes.. I was that crazy! I had to triple check my orders making sure my customers had their PDFs after their purchase! And... did I mentioned I was glued to my phone waiting for my first review? *face palm* 
So far, I'm really enjoying this journey and still so excited that this all is happening. It might not be a big deal to others.. But for me..It's a milestone! And so so happy that some of you are in the same exciting ride with me!

I marked my calendar until December that I will be doing at least 1-2 patterns a month and a free monthly pattern to keep the flow..well, flowing. I'm still trying to fit myself into my new lifestyle so I might have to do a bit of plan adjustments if I can't meet up with this new proposal. But I'll try my best to keep things fresh!

I've finished this lovely pattern yesterday so right now I'm doing some touch ups on the tutorial. I take my pictures of the finished products only with natural light... But today, I came home pretty late and lost most of the bright light. So I guess I'll have to take the shots tomorrow.  I've always wanted to do a matcha tea pattern ... and here it is! This PDF will consist of 2 patterns... well, the other pattern you guys have to wait to find out what it is on my next post 🍭

A few post ago I mentioned that I would share photos of some of my favorite places to go in Macao. And some of these places I love exploring is the beautiful Flora Garden. I remember going through this garden when I was a little girl and I'm so happy my little one got the chance to experience it as well. 

Flora Garden is a huge garden. Lots of activities to do for those who love spending time outdoors with nature. There are playgrounds around the garden, outdoor fitness equipment along side the jogging tracks, BBQ pits and lots of hidden walking trails through the garden. It's a home of exotic birds, turtles, monkeys and even bears!  It's also a place of underground tunnels for the military back in the days, as well as canons on some of the gardens main points. 

On the highest peak of Flora Garden is the infamous historic Light House of Guia. You can walk your way up the hill If you love going up stairs in the blazing heat or covering yourself with sweat, don't get me wrong, the view is really nice and the walk is lovely, but for those with little ones and not fantastically fit ( like me) can easily take a short cut by taking the Guia Cable Car for a small fee (I tried walking my way up once and hardly made it halfway.. I tried)

Up the hill you'll find the light house and a chapel with some historic artifacts and information. Take your time reading them to know a little about their history... It was impossible for me as my little monkey was jumping all around the place.
Enjoy the beautiful city surrounding it as well... It's kinda funny knowing that there was sea where those buildings are standing now.

Amazing how active she is despite the unbearable heat!

Finishing our stroll walking through the garden's stone path all the way down the hill. It's truly a serenity just listening to the birds and the soft brushing sound of the leaves. A great way to unplug yourself from the hectic city.

I'll try to remind myself to bring along my camera more often to capture more of these exciting moments. So till next my lovely friends!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Etsy Shop Finally Launched!

It's a celebration week for me! After a year of doubts and fear of failure, I've finally had the courage to make another of my biggest dreams come true! To finally open my Etsy Pattern Shop! It took me lots of thinking and guts and, like I said, one year ++ to make this happen. The thought of having an official online shop scared me to death, specially being in such grand and reputable site like Etsy with thousand of talented crafters and artists out there. But here I am...I made it and so I'm ready to discover where does this new chapter of Crafters Boutique will lead me!

 Year 2013 to 2015 was quite a fun period for me. First, the launch of this little business of mine and , second, to be able to sell my felt works throughout Singapore and Macao. It created a bridge to so many opportunities and beginnings of new friendships that I will always treasure. But selling my finished works wasn't quite fulfilling for me. It did brought me lots of joy sewing all those custom name banners for all my customers and to be able to bring a smile on their faces, the feeling is  just priceless! The thought of doing my very own patterns of drawings that were hidden somewhere in my sketch book was constantly haunting my mind ( in a good way!)... So, I  have to thank 2016 for giving me that push to take action because If I weren't to move country this year, I believe I would still be stuck with custom orders because I seem to not know when I should stop hehehe...

This Fruit Babies pattern finally came to life after its sketch was forgotten somewhere in my craft room. Finding it was a friendly reminder that this should be one of my first patterns that I should work on... And I'm pleased on how it turned out <3

 And why sugar cookies? Well...because they're yummy and cute!!

A little lucky Shamrock ornament won't hurt either.

My patterns are finally available at Crafters Boutique DIY Etsy Shop.

Thank you to those who have viewed, favorited, purchased, reviewed and supported! You guys are awesome!