Sunday, September 28, 2014

Frozen theme Hair Clips

It's been a month dedicated to Frozen! This time, I got the opportunity to make these adorable felt hair clips for Ivy's daughters and friends!
They turned out pretty adorable though but a bit of a challange on the Elsa's and Anna's braids! In the end, so happy it turned out the way as planned.. :)

Also, personalized hair clips for the girls. What a challenge cutting out those tiny letters! Imagine cutting through the little tiny macro holes in the "a" and "o"...

 Ready to be mailed out! Thank you once again, Ivy!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

More banner for September!

Here are more updates on September work with new lovely banners with new colors and themes!
Thank you, Jee for an opportunity to make these little pressies for your little ones... Really hope they love the new addition to their room!

For Leia

I love the color combo on this one. Lovely shade os violet, lavender, purples and pinks

Ballerina themed banner for our little dancer!

 For Kiera

Frozen theme banner with her favorite character, Elsa.

For Asher

Baby Dragon theme banner for Asher! Decorated with acrylic gems and buttons.

For Aik

Snake theme banner with a pop of bright acrylic buttons and gems.

Thank you once again, Jee! Had sooo much fun doing these banners for your babies!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Happy Teacher's Day!

" Teachers plant seeds of knowledge that grows forever..." - Unknown -

I miss school!
I had such wonderful memories during school days with my teachers that I will forever remember and treasure our precious moments. Thank you for the guidance, advises and inspiration that you all have given me!

For this Teacher's Day I decided to make these lovely felt apples that I would love to share with you all!
Originally designed for quilts but I decided to transform them as coasters! And they look lovely!
Go ahead and make them with fabrics, colored papers, foam paper you name it! Get your creativity working!

Save image and adjust the size according to your taste :)

Original template was designed by Thais "Artes da Ruh"

Hope you all have a wonderful week ahead and Happy Teacher's Day to all teachers out there!