Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Sneak Peeks

Hello beautiful people!
So here's a little sneak of some of the items that are heading out to the Artisan Market fair tomorrow!
Don't forget, 1st November, Sunday and I'll be there from 12pm - 7pm @ Claymore Connect!

My Mini Emboirdery Hoops making their debut on the fair. Here's some of the adorable hoops that will be able to find them!

New shop arrivals! Bottle Necklaces will be available for purchase from tomorrow during the fair and for a short period of time in the future so grab them while they last! They are more colors and styles to choose from!

And for the last sneak for today, Assorted Cake Pins!

"Make Handmade, Give Handmade, Buy Handmade, Live Handmade"

Have a great day my lovely friends and see you tomorrow at the Fair! 

Friday, October 30, 2015

Yarn Wreaths - Cozy Up Your Little Home

I strongly agree when there is a touch of 'handmade' at home, It instantly feels warm welcoming and cozy. A handmade item is just so much more meaningful...there's the effort, the care and, importantly, the love. Agree?
And I find yarn wreaths to capture that goodness of the 'handmade' meaning. They're cozy, they're so welcoming, they're just perfect to add the 'home' feeling to any home. And I simply love them...

Here's my little cheeky monkey having fun with my wreaths.. Oh my she couldn't stop giggling!

I know when people see wreaths, they instantly think of hanging them straight on the door. But you can display them in different ways and still feel It's warmth <3
This mini easel stand was $1.74 at Art Friend.

 Here she is again! Hope nothing is damaged until the fair on Sunday!

 "You can't buy Love, but you can buy Handmade and that's kind of the same thing."

Wishing you all a blessed day, 

Thursday, October 29, 2015

O.C.D - Obsessive Cupcake Disorder

Ugh.... Aren't this freakin' cute? Making these little keychains are really an obsession.. I mean, you can't really get enough of them. The color choices, the accessories is just limitless of what you can put on them. I stopped at twelve but if I had more time believe me I would have done more and non stop! They're extremely easy to do so If you would love to make some for yourself, please go ahead to this amazing artist that I truly get inspired from -> Erica Catarina. Here's the cupcake tutorial and pattern here. Go on..make some cupcakes now!

 Oh my...which is your favorite?! 

"You're a beautiful cupcake in a world full of muffins."

Hope you sweeties are having a wonderful day <3

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Crafters Boutique @ the Artisan Market Fair!

Hi guys!! I'm so excited to announce that Crafters Boutique will be joining It's very first craft fair at Claymore Connect! 

Can't believe this is happening! A dream come true and I'm already super nervous! Thank you to a dear and fellow artisan friend, Irene Goh from Soul Craft for making this happen for the both of us! And ,of course, the organizers of Artisan Market for giving us this amazing opportunity to showcase our work to the world!

Other interesting and talented fellow artisans will be there as well so mark ya'll calendar and come and say 'Hi!'

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Restock and New Items - Behind the Scenes

Hi sweeties! How have you all been lately? I'm pretty good myself, in fact, I've been super happy and excited these past few days! 

I'm preparing these lovely pieces for a special event and, oh boy, I'm having such a blast! The adrenaline and the excitement is just killing me already! And I'm loving all these bursts of colors that are all over my studio! Can't wait to announce the BIG BIG day!

 I can never get enough of this cute adorable cupcakes designed by Erica Catarina! Thank you for allowing us to use this awesome pattern we all love!

My mini hoops are making their first debut on this awesome day! Finally a dream come true where I have the chance to show them off! Working on these hoops but more to come! These pictures are just a partial part of my sewing madness these days!

Time to head back to the studio and make more awesome stuff! See you all in the next post!