Sunday, March 29, 2015

Farewell, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew...

It is indeed a very sad period for us all in Singapore.
Today, 29th Sunday , March 2015, Is the day where we will finally lay Mr. Lee Kuan Yew to rest after so many years dedicating his whole life to this beautiful country, Singapore.

I might not be a Singaporean, but Singapore has accepted me as I was a part of it. It opened me to so many opportunities in which I never thought of taking. It made all  my dreams come true and in which I am so truly blessed.
Singapore is the country I can finally call Home.

Thank you so much for your remarkable work, dedication and sacrifice to make this country what it is today.
You are the Father of this Nation...
May your soul Rest in Peace...

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Princess Theme Name Banner for Enya

Hooray for my last order of March! It was sure a fun and busy month but I'm ready for a holiday now! I'm looking forward for my 2 week vacation with my besties who are coming over to Singapore to spend some quality time with me.

We all need holidays! Spending more time with loved ones are a must, holidays are good to refresh ideas and taking those restful days are important for our precious eyes (and back too!) from all the needlework! But I'm pretty sure I'll be sneaking into my craft room for some minor crafts hihihi.... It's hard to stay away from what you love doing!!

Here's the lovely banner I did for baby Enya with one of my favorite color palette and theme!
Thank you, Bunziedoodie for this lovely order that I had an amazing time doing for your precious one. 

a requested add on Owl

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Monday, March 23, 2015

"My Melody" and "Hello Kitty" Name Banners

Hooray!! My Sanrio banners are completed!

Thank you for this wonderful customized order, Lilian! I hope I met all your expectations :) I had so much fun doing them, not only I'm a big fan of Hello Kitty myself, but I just love taking customized orders and I love making people happy! I have to admit I feel very nervous taking them as I always do not know my costumers reaction..But I'm so happy you loved them!

And as promised, the templates used on this banner are available in my "Templates" page. Please feel free to use them.

Evelyn name in "Blush" felt color

And no...thery're not sunny side up eggs.. hihihihi

Lilian name in "Baby Pink" felt color

What is Hello Kitty without her signature bow?

Thank you once again, Lilian! Thank you for being a Crafters Boutique loyal costumer!

Have a great weekday everyone!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

"My Melody" Theme

Sneak peak on a current theme I'm working right now. Can't wait to gather them up to complete the banner! A few more touches and a couple of key chains and they're ready to be mailed out by next week :)

Hope you liked her! 

These templates of "My Melody" and "Hello Kitty" will be available soon once they're done :) 

And that's it for this week!
Wishing you a wonderful weekday ahead!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Forest Friends for Cherie

Our lovely woodland friends are ready to bring joy into baby Cherie's life who is due to be born in April!! But this time, a new fluffy friend joined the ride...

Little sheep to celebrate her birth on the Year of the Sheep!

Thank you so much for this lovely order, Caiyan!
Wishing you and baby Cherie a safe and speedy delivery!

Three more orders to go before the end of March and I will be officially on Holiday! I can't wait for April as I will be introducing new themes and designs for upcoming banners! Stay tuned!

Wishing you all my lovely friends a wonderful Sunday!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Name Banners and Keychains for Guijian

Hurray for the last order of February 2015! And a big Thank You to Ms. Guijian for giving me this opportunity to make these lovely crafts for her family and friends :) The wait is over, crafts are done and now they are ready to go to a new home...

Princess theme garland for Peanut :). Hot Pink felt color.

Flower and Bird theme for Sarah in Lemon felt color.

Frozen Theme garland for Isabelle. 

Space theme Banner for Isaiah in Brilliant Blue felt color

Woodland Animals Theme garland for Yi Ling in Creme felt color.

So for those who are guessing how my letters on my banners and garlands are attached to each other - I glue them together with hot glue. You can sew them all together but I found out that if you do so, the letters at both ends will start to curve forward due to the weight ( If ever that makes sense). Using hot glue will hold their weight and their shape keeping them perfectly aligned.

1 order done. More to go before I am officially on vacation in April <3

Have a wonderful weekday ahead everyone!