Monday, January 19, 2015

Woodland Animals for Matthias

Our furry friends are back! And this time foxy joined the ride!

Thank you to Ms. Fatkitty for her enormous trust and patience and hope your little one will love it even more!

Friday, January 9, 2015

Doggy Theme Garland for someone special...

Carmen is a friend of mine for some years now and there are many things I love about her. I love her positive energy, her sense of humor but most importantly, what I most admire from her, is the unconditional love for animals.
She contacted me and ordered a garland for a very special creature.. her lovely dog, Im Keong. She loves him from the earth to the moon!

So thank you, Carmen! I hope you will love this lovely garland specially handmade for your little furry kid!

And I wish there were more people like you...

Monday, January 5, 2015

Teddy Bear Garland for little Jerrick

I love making handmade gifts for loved ones and friends... It makes it even more personal and meaningful. Its also a great way to bring an old idea into life!

This little teddy garland is for little Jerrick and hope he'll love it when he grows older <3
Happy 1st month baby Jerrick!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Princess banner theme for little Chantelle

Another requested Princess theme but this time I got the opportunity to transform it into a garland. I really like this style because it adds another character and personality to the name and to the whole work itself.
Garlands are just perfect for long names like this one and I usually recommend my customers to choose this style if the name is longer than 7 letters. It would be such a challenge doing a 9 letter name into a banner.. the frustration of balancing everything with a ribbon is just huge as both ends of the name will start curling forward and nothing seems to go its place no matter how much hot glue you put! 

I was so happy with the result and the customer couldn't be more happy has the garland arrive its new home on Christmas eve ready to surprise little Chantelle :)

So thank you, Encantadorara for the patience and trust!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Fun banner for Shaila

Woohoo! The New Year is finally here!! I'm welcoming 2015 with open arms!! Bring it on! 
Hope you guys had a fabulous and amazing entrance into 2015!

Now let's talk about the fun part! hihihi... I got this fun opportunity to make this unique banner for my sister-in-law's friend who is soon to get married! So she had requested for a banner that could represent all the things that they both (Shila and Shaun = Shaula) love in life which is what you can see through the banner :)
Thank you, Shila for your trust and patience and for choosing my works to be part of your special day! I wish you and future hubby all the best in life, all the love and happiness to grow year by year but most importantly, wish you a life with lots of salmon sushis, loooong naps and yummy ice creams!

Cheers to them!