Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Free Embroidery Pattern - 'I Love My Cat'

I think you all know by now that I have this huge fascination and love for cats. You'll see it on my cookie charms, free projects and in my house filled with Cat related posters! Today's project not only reflects my big love for these awesome animals but to take this precious time to dedicate it to one of my little fur babies that I have recently lost.

Our lives changed forever when on 7th February night of 1998, my brother brought home a little surprise that was given to him by his classmate as a birthday gift. Without my parents consent, my brother surprised us all by bringing home a little kitten. Frighten and doubtful, the little kitten jumped out of his hands and hid behind the sofa. You can imagine the shocked faces of my parents and the scoldings that my brother got. Although my siblings and I have always wanted a cat, my father has had his doubt about the idea. After explaining to us that we couldn't keep it, the little kitten peeked out of the sofa and walked towards my father as though it knew what he was saying. My father spotted him, held the kitten and started to warm him by stroking on his white fur (while continuously scolding us)! While still holding on to the cat, my father's voice started to soften...and somehow he started to divert his conversations. Repetitive disapproval sentences were now replaced with sentences like "you will have to scoop out his poo and pee out of the litter box everyday..". Although no definite approval word was said, we knew from that sentence that we would keep the cat forever. And we did...for almost 20 years.

We named him 'Simba'. He had soft white fur and a few black markings on his left ear, a little spot on his chin and a black tail. He came to us in February 1998 when he was about 5-6 months of we presumed that he was born in late 1997. He was very rough when he played.. I got scratched and bitten by him numerous times, but still loved him unconditionally. He peed constantly in every corner of the house..even though is little box was clean. He killed many of my father's canaries and still allowed to stay in the house. We lost count of how many times he fell from our 1st floor apartment and still not scared to rest on the balcony's handrail. He survived numerous fights ( and one that was almost deadly ) with the neighborhood cats and still wanting to go and fight some more. He accompanied us to everywhere we go... from fishing in the weekends with the family to nature camping in the borders of Spain. He survived long hour flights from Portugal - Germany - Macau only to sneak out of the house and get lost in the city the next day upon arriving Macau. He survived miraculous and numerous kidney infections during his matured years which puzzled veterinarians.

After 6 years of his last kidney infection, our hearts were broken when in the evening of 28th May 2017 our little and dear furry friend lost his battle with stage 4 of kidney disease. My dear Simba was surrounded by the whole family during the last minutes of his life. I have never felt so shattered and emotionally drained. The tension in the room was as if you were drowning in emotions...Your throat tied into a knot forbidding any word to be spoken. It was just tears pouring.. kisses and hugs were given to his little head as our broken hearts said our farewells.

As weird as it might sound, I wouldn't change how my cat passed on into his new life. Simba was surrounded by loved ones in a tender age of 19. Those final moments were beautiful but very heartbreaking. It's hard to put all these emotions in words...but all I know it all felt right and Lord knows we did the best we could to save him. After defying unfortunate endings of how he could had passed on, like being ran over a car, killed by a dog or lost and never found, my Simba remained with us until the very end. And that for me is more than enough to sooth our broken hearts that day. He passed on not like a pet...but as a member of the family. And will always remain in our hearts until the last days of our lives.

This embroidery pattern is not only designed for furry cat friends who had passed on but also to show your love to those who are still here with us. 
The pattern is approx 6.2 inches and it can be framed into a 8-9 inch hoop. The kitty on the pattern is Simba by the way, so please feel free to modify it according to your cat's furry color and markings :) 

Please click on the link to download pattern in its original size.

With a recovering  heart  but with a hope so big that this pain will be healed one day, I wish you a wonderful day...and happy crafting! Don't forget to hug your cat/dog and tell them they are so loved...

Monday, May 22, 2017

Free Pattern of The Month - Gameboy Card holder

Just a few days ago I was reliving the 90's by looking at some pictures through the internet that summed up my whole childhood. Looking back at those pictures brought me so much good memories which I couldn't help but feel nostalgic! 

The Gameboy is the ultimate definition of the 90's..and although I've never own one myself ( I use to own a Super Nintendo by the way!), I still felt a great connection between it and my childhood. A childhood friend of mine, with whom I fortunately still have contact with, used to own not one but three Gameboys! And I remember spending my weekend afternoons in his home playing Popeye and Super Mario on the couch while our mothers would play cards in the living room. Oh, the sweet innocent carefree years!

So this month's free project I couldn't help but feel inspired with the 90's and of course, our fun little Gamboy. This time let's try something new for a change and get those embroidery skills to the test!
This project uses three of the embroidery stitches that I have previously posted - The blanket stitch, french knot and the applique stitch.

So, are you ready?
  • Felts
  • Embroidery threads matching felt color
  • Scissors and needle
  • Universal Glue

Step 1.
Applique stitch the 'screen back' onto 1 'Gameboy'.

Step 2.
Applique the rest of the Gameboy's details.

Step 3.
Make a small french knot with double strands for the power light. 

Step 4.
Stack the 'Gameboy' cutouts in pairs. Apply drops of glue in each corner to secure them while you blanket stitch on the next step.

Step 5.
Align the 4 'Gameboy' layers together. Take 2 layers from the front and insert the needle from inside of the Gameboy's left top corner. Then, start your blanket stitch by inserting the needle again from behind all 4 layers.

Step 6.
Once you have reached the right corner, take 2 layers from the front and continue your blanket stitch.

Step 7.
On the opposite corner ( top left) , make sure you insert the needle below the very first stitch (for strength purposes) before you continue stitching the back layers. Continue stitching the back layers until you reach the top right. 

And you're done!

This tiny 'device' has a perfect snuggle fit for cards that measures 8.5cm x 5.4cm. Please click the link below and download the pattern. 

Getting those 90's vibes yet?

What are your favorite items from the 90's? Are you a 90's baby?
Gosh, I have tons of good memories from those years... and still wished I could turn back time to enjoy it a little longer! I loved the Sesame Street episodes that would start right when I come home from school every afternoon, then the Art Attack episodes...Oh, what about the Cabbage Patch Babies? Polly Pocket toys? I used to collect them all! In fact, I still have them kept in my mother's home! *sighs loudly* . Although those years are now gone, what's left are just wonderful memories. Thank you to my awesome parents for giving me such a fun and beautiful childhood🍦...and thank you Internet for helping me relive my memories through wonderful pictures of the past!

Inspirational Monday - Creativity

I couldn't agree more!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Spring Colors...and Bubbles!

There's enough evidence that our beautiful Spring is finally settled but It would be great if the weather was as cheery like it was during this day... 
Last weekend we went to unwind our minds for a afternoon stroll in one of my favorite gardens in Macau - The Lou Lim Iok Garden. And lucky enough, they were holding the flower festival in which showcases various flower species, mainly orchids, around the garden. I was just glad to have brought the camera along! 

It was such a fine afternoon that day so I spent a good hour snapping photos of my loves enjoying their time under the warm sun running and blowing bubbles. Just the look of her face says it all!

The weather is slowly but opening up leaving behind those cloudy and foggy days. It's raining at this very moment but I can see clear skies ahead this week...and hopefully to linger around for sometime as I miss the sunny days so much!
There is much to do at my little craft corner. I'm slowly making some pattern tracing and sewing for my next PDF pattern. I've also been using my sewing machine during the past few weeks in which I've done a few small projects that I will show you all somewhere next time when I feel ready to reveal them hehehe! Not the perfect machine sewn stuffs but I'm feeling pretty good of my sewing skill progress and I'm liking the fact that I'm actually completing projects and not setting them aside so that they'll be later forgotten!

I'm a few minutes away of leaving the house to fetch my little one from Kindergarten. So I'm wishing you all a lovely day from where you are and see you all again next time 💜

Monday, May 15, 2017

Thursday, May 11, 2017

New Etsy Pattern - Kawaii Fox Sugar Cookie Charm

Time for a new pattern!
My dear sister has been requesting for a little fox charm for ages... So here it is little sis! 

 This beautiful sleeping fox measures approx. 8.5cm x 9.2cm x 0.7cm. Use it as a bag zipper charm or as a key chain 💚 and they make perfect little gifts too!

Find the pattern here.

Thank you to those who have been purchasing my cookie charm patterns...your support means so much to me! I'm so overjoyed to see that you have been enjoying making them... Your wonderful feedback and comments makes my heart sing with joy! This is why I love what I do....and I can't wait to create more wonderful patterns for you all!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Working with Felt - Applique Stitch

This month's embroidery basics will be dedicated to one of my most used and favorite stitches...the applique stitch. Many of you might know by now that I'm quite a big fan of this versatile stitch. Super easy, clean and visually appealing... and a perfect stitch for beginners!

What's Applique Stitch?
Applique comes from the French word appliquer which means 'to put on'. It's basically defined more as a technique rather than a stitch itself. It's a sewing technique where a smaller piece of fabric/felt is placed on top of a larger piece of fabric/felt then sewn together to create an illusion of a picture. It's traditionally used among patch workers and quilters ( and by us...felt artists!). You'll discover that there are in fact other different styles and techniques  from easy to challenging levels to use applique but I'll show you the basics of all to get you started :)

↠2 Pieces of felt ( one large and one small)
↠Embroidery thread

Step 1.
On this tutorial, we are working with a square shaped felt. The same technique is applied to all shapes
Place your small felt onto your bigger piece of felt. Take your needle and insert the needle from behind and pull.

Step 2. 
Because we are working with a square shape, we'll insert the needle through one of the square's corner. Pull.

Step 3.
And you have you first stitch!

Step 4.
Continue your stitches following step 1.

Step 5.
To finish up, slide the needle underneath 3-4 stitches and cut your thread.

 And there you have it...Your first appliqued piece! Now lay as many pieces you want over each other and create beautiful felt pictures <3

See you on the next Embroidery Basics!