Sunday, August 28, 2016

Cute Felt Owl Ornament Pattern

Hello friends! How are you all? Hope all is well!
Everything is good with us now that my beautiful sun decided to stay with us for a little longer! Despite the warm and sunny days, the typhoon season has not yet ended and we will be experiencing some strong winds and rain in the coming weeks. But for now, I'm happy to have my sun back and to finally be able to wash my bed sheets and quilt covers! ;)

But not only I'm thrilled to wash my bed sheets and pillow cases but also happy to feel inspired which led me to create another fun pattern for you all! My second pattern of the month is finally up and listed in my Etsy shop! I've created this lovable and sweet owl ornament simply because...well, I love owls! ;D Beautiful and mystical favorite forest animal after the fox (possibly my next pattern?)!

So enjoy making this cutie! It's fun and super easy!

I'm up to more exciting products that I can't wait to tell you all! What a surprise it will be!
Till next post my sweet friends! Stay well and wishing you a beautiful weekend!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Free Pattern of The Month - Mushroom Cottage Ornament

Hello there! I would like to surprise you all with a lovely free pattern and tutorial on how to make this adorable mushroom cottage ornament. Everyone loves little mushroom houses so I guess this would be perfect for the next free pattern of the month! It's really easy to make as well, even for a non-professional sewist! I've chosen to make my felt ornaments sewn together with a ribbon so that it would be easier for you all to decide what you would like to turn them into in the future other than a simple hanging ornament. Turn them into key chains, phone charms, bookmarks (exclude the filling) or a big brooch! Have fun!

So, shall we start sewing? :D


🌼 Main felts for the mushroom 
🌼 Felt scraps for the 'spots', window' and 'door'
🌼 1 pc seed bead for the door knob
🌼 1 pc pearl bead for the butterfly head
🌼 1 pc butterfly sequin
🌼 2.5cm long of 3mm satin ribbon
🌼 15cm of bakers twine
🌼 embroidery threads
🌼 needle and scissors
🌼 water-soluble pen
🌼 universal glue
🌼 polyfil

Step 1.
Cut all the shapes of the given pattern and lay it onto the chosen felts. Lay the 'cap' over on one piece of 'mushroom background' cutout and applique stitch all around.

Step 2.
Secure the 'spots' and the 'gills' with tiny drops of glue then applique stitch them all as well.

Step 3.
 With a water-soluble pen, draw the lines of the 'gills'. Backstitch on the drawn lines using double strands and with a thread that is slightly darker shade. This will give a nice bold effect.

Step 4.
 Place the 'stem' into position and applique on.

Step 5.
 Secure the 'window' and 'door' in place with little drops of glue. Applique the 'window'. Use the backstitch on the outer edge of the 'door' then applique the bottom part.

Step 6.
 Sew on the seed bead for the door knob.

Step 7. 
 With double strands, stitch a big cross for the window.

Step 8.
 Make tiny french knots for the little flowers.

Step 9.
 Position the butterfly sequin in any part of the 'cap'. Stitch on the pearl bead for the butterfly head.

Step 10.
 Fold the ribbon in half and glue it in the middle of the other 'mushroom background' cutout.

Step 11.
 Combine both 'mushroom background' cutouts and blanket stitch all around leaving a small entry for the polyfil.

Step 12. 
 Lightly fill with polyfil then close shut with blanket stitch.

Step 13.
 Insert the bakers twin through the little ribbon hoop. Tie a knot on the loose ends of the twine.

And you did it! 

Save the pattern below and have fun sewing! It's a jpeg image so feel free to resize it. The size of the mushroom in this tutorial is approx. 8.5cm x 7cm.

Have a fabulous crafty week friends!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Space Friends Pattern

Hooray! A brand new pattern has been listed in my Etsy shop! Go check 'em out!

I loved how the colors turned out on these little fellas. I'm a big fan of bright colors and these guys looked awesome on white walls. A great way to add a splash of happiness in the little ones rooms! I turned this pattern into this adorable wall banner. But this is one of many possibilities of what you can do with my patterns...just have fun with it!

Wishing that your week is as colorful and happy as these little guys! Stay safe friends!

Sunday, August 14, 2016

My Little Space Friends Are Peeking

Hello sweet friends🍭!

What a lovely week it has been and hope yours have been productive too! I've done lots of sewing and drawing and I'm almost ready to list out a new pattern very soon! It's been mostly grey this past week due to typhoon season but today my lovely sun decided to visit me with wonderful natural light for me to take pictures of these little friends of mine..

These were super easy and fun to make and hope you'll enjoy making them one day for your little ones or as gifts!

Hope you all are enjoying this wonderful Sunday! My mother is in town and we'll be out to celebrate her birthday🎂.. It's going to be fun! Till then keep safe my friends!

Sunday, August 7, 2016

An Afternoon Walk

The past few days have been a mix between so many temperatures from low to high, from rainy to sunshine. With all the weather and climate juggling it sure got me and my family under the weather these past few days and with a stuffy nose and a irritable toddler, doing crafts is the last thing you want to do.

It's typhoon season in Macao as predicted during every August to October. After a week of heavy showers and blasting winds it sure feels good to be out of the house and enjoy this beautiful weather today to freshen up our lungs!  So this time, we decided to go for a stroll to one of my very favorite gardens - Lou Lim Ieok Garden.

I've been coming to this very garden since I was a little girl. I remember my mother would stay at home and my father would take me and my siblings out for a walk after lunch... and he would always bring his camera along to snap photos of us playing and running around. You can't help but feel nostalgic during moments like this... And now It's my turn to bring my family here!

The season of the lotus flower is almost over. At the beginning of the season, the ponds are flooded with these majestic flowers.. not only it attrack butterflies but photographers too!

Underneath these gigantic leaves are the home of thousands of fishes and turtles...waiting for you to feed them too! 

One of the main attractions of the garden is this elegant nine turn bridge. Nine being a number for longevity in the Chinese culture.

I love going through these rockeries. They remind me of ancient ruins abandoned in time. It's a mini maze with stairs leading you to gentle water streams forming small beautiful waterfalls...

I try to spend most of my spare time connected with nature. It's a powerful boost for creativity if you ask me. It's where all my inspirations come from. The soft breeze brushing through the weeping willows and tall bamboos delivers such  great feeling of tranquility filling your mind nothing but peace.
I love observing people around me. I feel so connected when I see the elderly gently chatting, feeding the fishes and napping under the shade while softly listening to Chinese intrumental music. The giggles of my girl while she picks flowers and blow bubbles to the pond are pure serenity to me... A great way to end the day <3

Hope to have great days ahead so I can keep sharing precious moments like this with you all. But 'till then keep safe and well my friends.