Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Monorgram Banners!

Nothing beats that fulfilling feeling that comes with finishing a labor of love.

Cheers to my last order of 2015! This lovely order is now completed and ready to be wrapped and mailed by tomorrow morning!
Thank you to Ms. Yvonne for this lovely custom order and for giving me the freedom to create! Hope your little ones will love them as much as I loved making it for them! 

A big thank you to Ms. Vivienne for her keychain orders! Hope you like them!

I will be away for my long holiday. I sure miss my parents and siblings... but I'll be back again in January and I'll be here to take many more lovely orders from you all! Can't wait what waits for me in 2016! 

Wishing you all beautiful people a Happy Holiday. Stay safe always!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Little Ballerina - W.I.P

"Ribbons, Tutus and Ballet Shoes. That's what Little Girls are made of."

Wishing all you sweeties a wonderful week!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Mickey Mouse Name Garland for Aloysius

One more order ready to be mailed out by tomorrow. I had a blast making this new theme for Aloysius and hope I nailed it! hehehe!!  Thank you, Jasmine for your enormous trust and thank you for giving my the opportunity to create something beautiful for your baby boy. This was definitely a super fun order to do!

I'll start wrapping and packing this lovely garland and soon as I'm done, I'll start on my last big order for this amazing year! You guys have been amazing.. Thank you...

"To Laugh at Yourself Is to Love Yourself" - Mickey Mouse

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Teddy Theme Garland for Jarvis

First order of the month is now completed, wrapped and mailed out. 

Thank you, Jocelyn for your enormous patience and trust! It was a pleasure doing this lovely banner for your baby boy! I'm glad you liked it and hope he will too someday!

I have to give special thanks to all of you girls and boys for your awesome orders. You guys are just amazing...really. Thank you for sticking around and for waiting so patiently for your turn. I know some of you have booked me for some months back, like the lovely Jocelyn, so just want to say that your trust and support means everything to me! Love you all to bits! *kisskiss*

It's now late and I'm sleepy... and off to bed I go. It will be another busy day tomorrow for me...*Blessed*.
Good morning, good afternoon and good evening to the rest of the world. Be always safe and embrace another beautiful day!

Friday, November 6, 2015

"Miau Miau" The Rag Doll

So yesterday I was browsing through Pinterest for some machine sewing inspiration and I came across beautiful rag dolls that immediately caught my attention. I needed to make one so badly! Oh my, the design selection was endless! That's the problem with Pinterest, It's just so addictive that the next thing you see yourself doing is just sit on the sofa for hours and forget your household chorus. My inspiration level was shooting through the roof yesterday and the need to make one simple doll was extremely urgent that I forgot to make myself lunch! 

I had all the materials off I went drifting my way to the sewing machine. I designed my first rag doll ever and It took my almost the whole day just sewing it! But I'm feeling pretty good with the end result! Well, not the design I had in mind but my daughter loved it! Oh, did my mention that the main fabric of this doll was my leftover curtain from Ikea? Hooray for fabric leftovers! 

She was thrilled when she saw the finished doll! She even slept with it! Oh and Miau Miau was the name she came up with! <3

Now that I have a bit of rag-doll-making-basics, I feel inspired to do my next one but this time an improved design. I'll add different fabrics and maybe I'll add some cute little summer dresses! I can't wait to get started!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

W.I.P Jarvis's Teddy Garland

After weeks of preparations for the craft fair, I'm finally back working on my name garlands. Here's a little peek on what's happening behind the scenes with Jarvis's soon-to-be garland <3

What are your plans for the week?

"When life gives you Hands, make Handmade"

Wishing you all a wonderful and productive week!

Monday, November 2, 2015

I Survived My First Craft Fair!

Many of you know that yesterday I joined my very first craft fair. Wanted to say thank you to a lovely artisan friend, Irene Koh from SoulCraft for inviting me to join her and a big thank you to Artisan Market for allowing it to happen! I'm so happy to be accepted to join this fair.

Yesterday was definitely a fun day but I have to admit that I got quite overwhelmed before the Big Day. What should I prepare? What items should I display? How am I going to design my booth? It was really a nerve wrecking experience to deal with in such a very short period of time. But I'm so thankful it all went wonderfully well, thanks to my lovely husband who helped me to the preps for the booth. Oh, without his carpentry and DIY skills I wouldn't have survived! Thank you Darling!

Looking back at the whole experience, I must say that all the worries and countless hours of working was all worth it! Maybe I would have done some things differently but I would definitely join another craft fair again if given me a chance!

The best part about that day was not about how much or how many items I would sell at the end of the day (crazy right?), instead, I was looking forward for the feeling of what was like joining a craft fair. I was seeking for the excitement and for the experience because, in case you don't know, joining a craft fair was a "to-do" in my life bucket list. And I'm so blessed it finally happened! Words can't explain what an accomplishment it was for me! I met awesome and talented artisans at the fair in which I was so grateful to have made friends with! Thank you all for the lovely environment you all created!

Ok, so everything went pretty well....exceeeeeept (there's always something bad right?) I FORGOT MY CAMERA! How silly of me not bringing the most essential tool ever! Yes, I did bring my phone but the most silliest part was that, because of the excitement, I didn't take that much pictures like I should have! I'm a disaster. Well, I took some...snatching pics of people and their booth but I wanted more! And I was imagining taking awesome and good quality photos with my camera to show you all what a great day it was. Anyways, here's one taking with my phone!

Here's Liz B , Gladys from Hangmade by Gladys and Irene Koh from Soul Craft!

Thank you all once again! Thank you Family, Friends and other vendors for making this fair so fun! And thank you to our lovely shoppers for buying Handmade <3 Without your wonderful support, I wouldn't be here running my little business!

Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Sneak Peeks

Hello beautiful people!
So here's a little sneak of some of the items that are heading out to the Artisan Market fair tomorrow!
Don't forget, 1st November, Sunday and I'll be there from 12pm - 7pm @ Claymore Connect!

My Mini Emboirdery Hoops making their debut on the fair. Here's some of the adorable hoops that will be able to find them!

New shop arrivals! Bottle Necklaces will be available for purchase from tomorrow during the fair and for a short period of time in the future so grab them while they last! They are more colors and styles to choose from!

And for the last sneak for today, Assorted Cake Pins!

"Make Handmade, Give Handmade, Buy Handmade, Live Handmade"

Have a great day my lovely friends and see you tomorrow at the Fair! 

Friday, October 30, 2015

Yarn Wreaths - Cozy Up Your Little Home

I strongly agree when there is a touch of 'handmade' at home, It instantly feels warm welcoming and cozy. A handmade item is just so much more meaningful...there's the effort, the care and, importantly, the love. Agree?
And I find yarn wreaths to capture that goodness of the 'handmade' meaning. They're cozy, they're so welcoming, they're just perfect to add the 'home' feeling to any home. And I simply love them...

Here's my little cheeky monkey having fun with my wreaths.. Oh my she couldn't stop giggling!

I know when people see wreaths, they instantly think of hanging them straight on the door. But you can display them in different ways and still feel It's warmth <3
This mini easel stand was $1.74 at Art Friend.

 Here she is again! Hope nothing is damaged until the fair on Sunday!

 "You can't buy Love, but you can buy Handmade and that's kind of the same thing."

Wishing you all a blessed day, 

Thursday, October 29, 2015

O.C.D - Obsessive Cupcake Disorder

Ugh.... Aren't this freakin' cute? Making these little keychains are really an obsession.. I mean, you can't really get enough of them. The color choices, the accessories is just limitless of what you can put on them. I stopped at twelve but if I had more time believe me I would have done more and non stop! They're extremely easy to do so If you would love to make some for yourself, please go ahead to this amazing artist that I truly get inspired from -> Erica Catarina. Here's the cupcake tutorial and pattern here. Go on..make some cupcakes now!

 Oh my...which is your favorite?! 

"You're a beautiful cupcake in a world full of muffins."

Hope you sweeties are having a wonderful day <3

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Crafters Boutique @ the Artisan Market Fair!

Hi guys!! I'm so excited to announce that Crafters Boutique will be joining It's very first craft fair at Claymore Connect! 

Can't believe this is happening! A dream come true and I'm already super nervous! Thank you to a dear and fellow artisan friend, Irene Goh from Soul Craft for making this happen for the both of us! And ,of course, the organizers of Artisan Market for giving us this amazing opportunity to showcase our work to the world!

Other interesting and talented fellow artisans will be there as well so mark ya'll calendar and come and say 'Hi!'

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Restock and New Items - Behind the Scenes

Hi sweeties! How have you all been lately? I'm pretty good myself, in fact, I've been super happy and excited these past few days! 

I'm preparing these lovely pieces for a special event and, oh boy, I'm having such a blast! The adrenaline and the excitement is just killing me already! And I'm loving all these bursts of colors that are all over my studio! Can't wait to announce the BIG BIG day!

 I can never get enough of this cute adorable cupcakes designed by Erica Catarina! Thank you for allowing us to use this awesome pattern we all love!

My mini hoops are making their first debut on this awesome day! Finally a dream come true where I have the chance to show them off! Working on these hoops but more to come! These pictures are just a partial part of my sewing madness these days!

Time to head back to the studio and make more awesome stuff! See you all in the next post!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Name Banners for Alys and Liam

Hello there! How have you all been?

The month end is coming and I'm ending It with two more orders for a lovely customer, Rose. Thank you, Ms. Uson for this lovely custom order with Crafters Boutique and I'm looking forward for your next order with me :) I'm so happy you loved it and I hope the little ones will love it too!

Till next time! Wishing you all a wonderful Monday!

Sunday, September 6, 2015

My Melody and Hello Kitty Banner for Jarianne

Some like to order My Melody themes some order Hello Kitty. Why not have both cuties as one theme? Who doesn't love Sanrio characters?!

Thank you, Jacq for this lovely custom order! And congratulations on the arrival of your first baby girl, Jarianne! 

Last order delivered today and now my 2 day care-free starts tomorrow..HOORAY! I've been working 15 days in a row non-stop, including weekends, on orders. Barely slept with all the overload work! I need some pampering...

It's nearly 10:30pm... It's going to be good to be able to sleep early!

Hope you all had a blast this weekend! It might be working day tomorrow for some, but It's rest day for me!