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Hello! My name is Carolina. But everybody calls me Carol... So you can call me Carol too!I am the owner of Crafters Boutique and maker behind all these wonderful crafts you see here. I make all sorts of handicrafts from felt key chains, embroidery hoop wall art to yarn wreaths, but I'm widely known for my felt name banners.I live in the hot, sunny and humid tropical Island of Singapore with my lovable and supportive husband, my sweet daughter and two cheeky cats.

Before Crafters Boutique, I worked in all sorts of crafts. I used to make miniatures out of clay, I used to decorate mirrors and cellphones with clay charms and acrylic gems, I worked on jewelry for a short period of time but I could never settle my mind of what I wanted to do! I get inspired very easily and my mind was restless! I wanted to do so much with these 2 hands of mine!! 

My love for felt came in very unexpectedly ( a wonderful surprise I must say!). I remember walking into a bookstore back in 2007 and was mesmerized with a craft book that could teach you how to do beautiful, sweet and adorable cakes out of felt (I have to thank the Japanese people for that!). I immediately fell in love. I took the book and bought sheets of felt on the very same day and never stopped creating ever since. The fondness for felt grew greatly along the years so I decided to stick with this medium and pursue my dream of one day I would sell my felt crafts.

I love making pretty things with felt. I imagined myself doing felt cakes in my future handmade business but somehow, when I was pregnant with my daughter, my motherly instinct to create something handmade for my little one was much stronger. So I made a name banner for her room from felt scraps that I had in hand from my still-renovating-house at the time! After completing her banner, I finally settled my mind... I finally knew what I was going to do as a business.

It was then in 2013, that my brand Crafters Boutique was founded. I'm just in love with what I do! The whole process of creating with felt  is just so enjoyable and so relaxing... almost like a therapy! I love how my mind gets lost ( in a good way!) from sketches to the final product. I love the idea of creating handmade products for mummies-to-be and for their loved ones. Crafters Boutique have given me the opportunity to express my creativity, my mind and has given me the adventure to the unfamiliar. It created the bridge to connect with other people who are in love with handmade, with other business owners and to amazing customers!

I'm so happy you stopped by to read a little bit about me and this little handmade business I proudly run! Hope you enjoy your stay!

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