Thursday, August 31, 2017

Working With Felt - Blanket Stitching Through Ribbons

Hi everyone!

I know It's been awhile since my last 'Working With Felt' series! I'm slowly catching up with what I was suppose to post so bare with me! Now that school holidays are officially over tomorrow, Lara has been going to bed earlier thus I have more energy to linger through the night to work on my stuffs!

So today's topic will be learning how to attach ribbons on felt using the blanket stitch. A perfect little technique if you want to turn felt projects into hanging ornaments or if you have intentions of sliding a string through the ribbon hoop to create beautiful garlands, etc.

Step 1.
 First things first, I 'prep' my ribbon by applying a thin strip of glue onto the bottom hem then I fold in half.

Step 2.
Apply glue at the hem again.

Step 3.
Position your ribbon with the glued hem facing the felt. Then, place the other piece of felt on top, making sure corners or curves are aligned on both felts.

Step 3.
Insert the needle through the ribbon.

Step 4.
Pull needle leaving a small hoop.

Step 5.
Insert the needle from the back of the ribbon and over the felt hem. Also, make sure the needle (B) is aligned with the stitch (A).

Step 6.
Insert the needle underneath the little hoop and pull.

Step 7. 
And here you have it! Your first blanket stitch through felt! Now, to continue securing the ribbon, just repeat steps 3 -7 then continue your blanket stitch as usual after the ribbon.

Hope this helps!


  1. These instructions are excellent, so easy to follow with your clear step by step photos.

  2. Bom dia! Moro no Brasil, Rio de Janeiro! Obrigada por compartilhar sua arte e técnica! Além dos gráficos! Tem me ajudado muito!! Um abraço :)


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