Wednesday, August 9, 2017

W.I.P Autumn Cookies

A little piece of Autumn in my hands....Gosh! It's nearly Autumn?!

I'm finally making little progress on my upcoming new pattern that will, hopefully, be up by this week! I'm very pleased on how they are turning out but I still have a few pieces to sew and praying that my little one will cooperate by napping a few hours everyday so that I can quickly finish this tutorial on time! 

The weather have been unbearable hot and humid...and overall just unpleasant to go out for a stroll. I'm feeling quite guilty lately for not bringing Lara to go out and play at the playground more often but it's just soooo hot to leave the house! So It leaves us spending quality time at home in the comforts of our AC's on and my full attention on her of course! 
What about you? How are you spending your last month of Summer?

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