Monday, August 7, 2017

Carol's Journal Week #2

I'm in my second week of kawaii journaling and I'm loving the challenge so far! Looking back at all these days and all I can think is what a fun and busy week it had been!

It's been super fun having Lara at home since school holidays are in effect until September but it surely kept me away from my usually sewing routine. I'm finding hard to find time to sew and snap photos for the tutorial while having a very demanding child who needs my full attention 24/7. Home working mamas will know the struggle! Well, at least having her at home got me out the house for a long period of time and to finally use our apartment's pool for the very first time after a year living here!

I'll try to work on my patterns as soon as she falls asleep for her usual nap so wish me luck!

Wishing a lovely start of the week wherever you are <3

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