Saturday, March 3, 2018

It's Time For That GIVEAWAY!

I'm so happy to be throwing my very first giveaway on Instagram and Facebook! You guys have been so awesome and so supportive over the years and I'm so lucky to be around talented and inspiring people like you! So to celebrate my awesome followers and to say THANK YOU, It's about time for that giveaway that I've been longing to do!

This sweet froggy mobile garland/banner measures approx. 36 cm long and it's made from blended wool felt and I applied some dried pastel pigment on the water droplet to achieve a gradient effect. A warm reminder that this garland/banner was not designed to be cleaned in the washing machine as the small beads may come off.

The official giveaway will be on my Instagram and Facebook page with a few very simple rules to follow:
  1. Re post/ share this photo onto your page & hashtag it with #craftersboutiquehandmade.
  2. Leave a comment in the original post on Instagram or Facebook telling us 'what pattern would you love to see next' OR Tag 2 friends (or you can do both :D)
  3. You must be following either my Instagram page: craftersboutique_handmade or Facebook Page.
  4. You can join both Instagram or Facebook for additional entries!
  5. The giveaway is open internationally.
  6. Followers must be personal accounts.
Yup and that's it! The Giveaway ends on Saturday,10th March (Macao time) and  I'll randomly choose ONE lucky winner and announce it later on that evening! The prize will then be mailed on the 12th March, Monday!
Good Luck Everyone!

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

February Highlights

Hello Friends! It's time to say goodbye to another awesome month of 2018! Is it me or time is really flying at a jet speed? February have been so much fun for me and to my family, lots of surprises and literally a month where I probably pigged out the most!

I'm so grateful for this month because I got to meet up with a long friend I haven't seen for 6 years! 6 years!! We both live in such tiny country like Macau and I can't believe we didn't even cross paths once! Ana happens to be, not only a friend, but also a dear customer in which I had the enormous pleasure in fulfilling 2 custom orders for her. It might have taken a long time to actually pick a meeting date but I'm glad we finally did and I'm so happy for the laughs and the time spent chatting and updating each other at the cafe. Thanks, Ana! Looking forward to our next meetup

One of this month's best highlights is when we got onto the plane and flew back to Singapore for Chinese New Year. 2 full wonderful weeks of stuffing our faces in good food, catching up with family and friends and being broke because I literally spent all my red packet money on Makeup primers, concealers, (and oh, I finally got my very first beauty blender! *jumps hysterically*) and of course, stationary! I got to say hello to a few extra pounds because... oh my... I blame it on the food ( OK.. now I'm craving for the fish curry head T_T) ! If you're planning to come visit Singapore one day, please try these 2 of my favorite desserts - Red Ruby with Coconut Milk from Redhill Food Court ( because the ingredients are always fresh and the red rubies are "ginormous"... probably the size of half my thumb!!)  and Sea Coconut with Jelly ( from Ang Mo Kio Food Court block 226 because they serve a generous amount of sea coconut!).

Oh...Hi, new stationary!
I got these goodies at Daiso from Plaza Singapura Mall. I always come to this particular Daiso just because I feel that the stationary section are the most complete in comparison to the other Daisos. I guess it's because there are other two big Arts and Craft shops ( Art Friend and Spotlight) in the building, so Daiso gotta keep up with the competition!

My awesome husband decided to get a bit wild on Valentine's day and, what a night! He decided to bring me and Lara along to the River and Night Safari at the Singapore Zoo! First time visiting the River safari and we all had an awesome time! The Night Safari was quite an adventure as we decided to walk the whole zoo at night instead of catching a ride from the tram. Lara was a bit frighten since it was dark and that lion roaring at the background was sure a bonus point! I personally think walking through the 'jungle' at night makes the whole experience much more worth it as you get to go up closer to the animals, to be able to stop and appreciate the surroundings and not to mention, to get a few mosquito bites along the way! We were surprised as very few people decided to explore the zoo  by foot, so another bonus points there because we got the walking path almost to ourselves!

And lastly, thank you for sticking on this little adventure with Crafters Boutique Handmade and for helping me for reach 1000 likes on Facebook! Never ever in my life thought I could reach it one day. I remember thinking whether or not it was a good or bad idea to embark on this journey... But I'm glad I did! But everything was possible because of every single one of you. Every comment, every share, every like, every purchase and every review are the reasons why I still continue to chase my dreams! So thank you from the bottom of my heart! As a promise, I'll be doing a giveaway very soon as a way to say thank you! So let's wait 'till next post!

So that's it for this super fun month! I'm looking forward what March will bring and I can't wait to share it all with you! Hope your February was as pleasant as mine..
So till then my friends! Sending lots of love to wherever you are <3

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

January Highlights

Gosh...Its already the end of another memorable month of 2018... 

This month has been really awesome.. Not only that my dad came by for a 2 week visit in which I absolutely loved having him with me, but also a month of lots of reflections in this creative path I take. Lots of brainstorming was taken place and as you can see, lots of stationary shopping as a treat! I also started journaling on my very first original Hobonichi journal in which I gifted to myself as a birthday gift last November! It's been such an exciting journey writing on it so far but the only challenge I'm facing at the moment is trying to document my whole day on a A6 page! 

I've been giving myself more pampering time by spending more "me time" with my cousin trying out new gathering places for coffee! And so we found this little corner coffee shop called "Cafe Seis" where they served this delicious Matcha Waffle with strawberries and cream! Ever since becoming a mom, I unconsciously shoved myself aside to attend the needs of my family first. Unaware of these repetitive actions I started to drift away from friends and most importantly, from myself. I got so used to staying at home 24/7 to a point of developing a little a bit of an anxiety just being outdoors! I know it wasn't going to do me any better if I continue neglecting myself so I'm taking small steps to accommodate a self pampering time into my agenda! So far, It's been very enjoyable whether it's coffee time with bestie or just doing a simple manicure at home...I'm starting to learn that self care is very important for your body and spirit and, if safe to say, sanity!

It's been a very creative month as well! So proud in completing 2 custom orders for a friend and a brand new Etsy pattern! And a lovely surprise by for featuring my Unicorn Pattern in her blog! Thank you, Stephanie! 

Well, friends, a new month is fast approaching and I'm wishing you all that it will be full of wonderful times to remember, lots of lovely surprises, less art blocks and may you stay always happy and safe! See you in February!

Friday, January 26, 2018

New Etsy Pattern - Mermaid Felt Mobile Garland/ Banner

New Etsy Update! Yes! I finally completed this project that I was so longing to see it whole and hanging and now it's finally up in the shop! This marks a beginning of a new year for Crafters Boutique Handmade with new designs and new techniques! This was a improvised version of my existing Cookie Mermaid pattern and I like this so much more! What do you think? Loving those gradient effects on felts and embroidered eyes.. Just makes everything so magical! 

Life is always about learning... We're always learning! And I love learning new techniques, to be inspired and in which I always try to improve every aspect of the artistic side of me. So with new designs coming in, I decided to start retiring some from the shop...starting with my Mermaid Cookie Pattern. I'm offering 50% discount on the Mermaid Cookie Pattern for a very limited quantity, which means that once the stock is finished, the pattern is gone. Its a great deal so hope to see you there!

Hope you guys enjoy this new pattern! Till next time!

Thursday, January 4, 2018

My Japan Scrapbook Album

  It's not new that I obviously love playing and collecting stationary. And one of the best ways to use up all those cute tapes and stickers that I've been collecting over the years is to decorate lovely photo albums of memorable trips. I recently came back from an amazing holiday to Japan and what an experience it has been! And to keep those happy memories lively for years, I love printing my photos instead of keeping them in hard drives. I always find it such a waste storing beautiful pictures in the computer that will eventually be forgotten one day...Don't get me wrong, I love posting pictures online too but there's something about printing photos that makes everything even special. 
Printing photos are fun. They're the best way to relive precious memories in a tangible way, It inspires you and to remind you how great your life has been. It's satisfying and the memories will live on forever! One of the reasons why I print them is also because of my daughter. I want her to always remember these beautiful memories spent with us and of all the adventures she's been to! There's still a possibility that my laptop and hard drives won't make it in the next 10 yrs or print them out!

This post is not a tutorial but rather to share with you on how I decorate my photo albums and share with you some tips. 

First things first, before printing my photos I will usually edit them in Photoscape. I adjust colors, brightness and crop them if needed. 
I only choose the best photos or those moments that made an impact on our trip. Then I would just, roughly, calculate how many photos per page on the album. I print my photos in 3R size, by the way..I find the size perfect as It's not so big neither too small. 
Before I get all excited decorating the album with all the colorful stationary, I write type down and print all the places we've visited according to the photos you have printed. Then,  I plan my layout on each page and stick the photos with a bit of scotch tape. Once you're satisfied with the album 's arrangement, It's now for the fun part - Play with stationary!

I love buying my origami paper from Daiso. The have such wide variety of them! And some of those stickers are from there too!
By the way ( out of topic), don't forget to plan your photo layout in a chronological way! ^_^

The photo below was taken in Nishiki Market, Kyoto. The traditional sweets were so delicious I had to document it! hehehe

My first time trying out Warabi Mochi and I loved it. Bought 3 boxes to bring back home huhuhu!

The photo below was one of the best desserts we've tried so far during our trip. It happened to be on a small dessert shop right beside Nigatsu-Do Hall, Nara. It was so good that we bought the very same ingredients in the grocery store so that we could recreate it back at home ^_^ Yes... We even bought the ceramic bowls at a market later in Osaka! The dessert had chocolate balls, plain mochi, matcha powder, chocolate syrup, frosted cornflakes, vanilla ice cream and deep-fried dough sticks covered with caramel. Simple ingredients for an unforgettable taste. We had ice cream before lunch and I recall it was 1°C that day...;P

Don't throw away the plane or entrance tickets of some of the places you visited! They make really special addition onto your travel journal! I kept all mine at the last page of the album by storing them on a D.I.Y origami paper pocket. Just fold the side edges inwards and glue. Don't forget to glue the bottom edge too.

I bought this photo album in Tokyu Hands and it's from Mark's Inc DecorRap. The album itself has only 10 pages but I love these albums because they're refillable. When I got this album I already knew that 10 pages wouldn't be enough to accommodate my holiday photos so I bought extra paper. Each refillable pack has 10 pages. You can find these fun albums in Macao's New Iao Han shopping mall on the 5th floor.

Well, that's it guys! I hope this sparks a little bit of inspiration to print your very own photos and display them in a super fun way! I have other finished albums to show you but that will be on a other day :) 
In the meantime, wishing you a great start on this New Year and see you on the next post!

Friday, December 29, 2017

Life Updates in November and December

Hi guys! I know I've been away from my blog for almost 2 months but I'm very much alive! There was not much sewing during these past months thus the absence of blog post but, surprisingly, November and December had been the best months of 2017 for me!

November had been a very fun and happy month. Lots of things happened in which I'm grateful for! Here are some of the highlights of this month:
1. It's my birthday month! Oh yes... I'm a Scorpio and I just turned 30 years old! huhuhu...

2. Since my husband's job requires him to travel often, my mom and sister came over to Macau to spend a whole month with me. It was sooo fun and nice of them to come all the way over from Philippines to Macau just to give me a little company <3

3. I kinda miss my old self where I would spend my nights after work watching TV series, so I decided to go back to the old habit and started watching "The Exorcist"  Season 1 and 2. Why didn't I see this before?! In case you don't know, I'm a big fan of horror stuff! I watch Ghost Adventures every Saturday, btw... huhuhu

4. Another big step in my life was being able to go back to church after, maybe, 15 years? Yes...It's been that long.

5. I finally got my first Hobonichi Journal!!! And I'm so excited to start writing on it and even make it more prettier than the last one! haha

6. Since I got this lengthy art block this month, I accepted a few custom orders from friends. I almost forgot the feeling of the beauty of challenges.

7. I finally made a videochat with my best friend after 10 years! I know it sounds crazy while we have all this advanced technology at our fingertips... hihihiiii

8. My best friend sent me a surprise birthday package with lovely stationary in it <3 Thank you, Silvia! I love you loads!

9. Remember that journal I used to write on? Well, I'm so proud of myself because I finally finished the whole book! Since it's a cheapo journal, it didn't contain all the months of the year so I was forced to buy a thin lined notebook to be able to accommodate a bit of November and December.

Now, for the best month of the year - December. Why? 
1. Because I was able to make one of my life's biggest dreams come true which was to visit Kyoto and Osaka, Japan <3 How can I even start describing the happiness and fulfillment it have impacted me? All I can say that I was over the moon ... All I ever imagined Kyoto would be was true! All those Pinterest images of that beautiful city were very much real and lively! The food, the streets, the houses, the shops, the restaurants were so dreamy! I would wake up every single day thinking how lucky I was to be given the chance to visit Kyoto! I planned for this trip for so many years but it was in November 2016 that I disciplined myself to save up for 13 months so that we could enjoy our trip to the fullest and carelessly!

2. I was able to visit Japanese stationary stores like Tokyu Hands, LOFT and a few 100¥ shops and treated myself with tons of super cute stationary!!!! Aaahhhh I felt so overwhelmed by the amount of stickers and tapes!! But I really had to control otherwise we would go broke of the first few days! huhu

3. I felt a little crafty a few weeks before Christmas and so I decided to sew up a little festive ornament tutorial pattern that's now in the shop.

4. I had my family over for Christmas time ( except my parents and younger sister) and we all cooked 2-3 dishes to bring over to enjoy <3 Lots of gifts were exchanged and I was soo happy to see the kids and the adults excited and overjoyed over their gifts!

5. I love scrap booking so I'm finally printing photos of our adventures and memorable moments in albums filled with tapes, origami paper and stickers! I don't really like keeping them on hard drives specially when It's a really nice one with a story behind it. It's really so satisfying to be able to hold them and revisit those times in a super fun way! I'll probably write a post about it one day ;)

So that's pretty  much it for November and December highlights... I'm looking forward for a even more productive year ahead! I've been so blessed and grateful for all your support over the past 4 years on Crafters Boutique! Thank you all from the bottom of my little heart and wishing you all a lovely and successful 2018! May God bless us in every way in our life and others <3

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

New Items in the Shop!

Good news everyone! I've listed brand new beads and sequins in the shop and doubled my inventory for existing ones! Lots of pretty pastel colors!

As for life updates, I've been down with a flu lately which ,in fact, I'm still quite not recovered yet.. I'm waaay far behind on my blog posts and I can't help but feel super disorganized! I've had my parents over for 3 weeks and my mother-in-law for 1 week and I've been sooo busy trying to catch up for the lost time so I had no choice but to put my little business aside for awhile. I only see my parents twice a year... So having them with me was just too precious and I couldn't bare to not spend time with them. Last Monday I was down with high fevers, a stuffy nose, sinus pains and to make the situation more disastrous, my little one was down with fever and a cold as well... So here we are, both of us recovering together with the house in a mess, lots of laundry to wash and fold, a broken stove and a empty fridge... definitely not of my best weeks!

On my desk right now are 4 patterns that I've traced over the past weekend but I'm thinking to sew one of them and turn it into a giveaway somewhere this month. How exciting!
Christmas pattern is among these sheets and definitely planning to release them much earlier than planned. 

So till the next blog update!