Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Carol's Journal Week #1

One of my biggest passions, besides working with felt, is writing/scribbling on notebooks and to collect stationary. I go to the stationary shop almost every weekend when I go to the city center just to check if any new stock would catch my eye. But honestly, I would always return home with a brand new sticker sheet even if it's from a old stock! #notsorry

I have tons of stickers and tapes that I have been collecting over the years and I would love to make good use of it before they 'turn bad' so has I was browsing for journaling inspiration on the web, I stumbled across Kaila's Instagram page a.k.a Rainbowholic. I immediately fell in love with her work and soon I saw myself writing once again and to finally have found an good excuse to use all those beautiful stickers without having to cringe and cry!
I've been writing on diaries since I was 10 years old ( I remember I had a Keroppi diary with a lock and key) until my late teens and I remember how nervous I would be when my parents would walk into my room while I was writing on them! #darksecrets. I'm all about keeping memories and capturing moments with my phone or camera and have them documented on paper..I love treasuring precious time then remembering them when I pick up my journal ( oh the Nostalgic feels!). Now that I have a family of my own, It becomes more less of me but rather our little family's adventure.

Together with capturing moments I've also included this fun Gratitude Journal Challenge. You should give it a try too, It's fun!

So, Thank you, Kaila for giving me and others this wonderful inspiration! Guys, please go and check out her Instagram page! She has a blog, Youtube channel and shop where she also sells super cute stickers!

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