Monday, August 14, 2017

New Etsy Pattern - Autumn In Woodlands

New Etsy pattern now listed in the shop!

I am so ready for the cool weather to come! But as usual, the colder days are only in effect around November/ December here in Macao. But so, I can't wait for this beautiful season to arrive... I'm not sure why but there's something special about Autumn that always finds its way to make me feel very nostalgic. I guess memories of the colder weather in Portugal still lingers inside me.. the scent of wet leaves and roasted chestnuts are still very much alive in my memory and It's just very hard to recreate that feeling in Macao. Luckily, I still have a few sachets left of Cidreira tea ( Lemon Balm Tea) ,gifted by my dear cousin from Portugal, to help me fill those cravings of Portuguese autumn. Cidreira Tea is one of my family's pantry's must-haves and beloved tea that never fails to fill in your mug on every afternoon tea time along side with ham and cheese croissants and Broas de Mel (Honey Bread). Oh my...this just makes me want to make one for myself now!

Pattern is included 5 little patterns of autumn inspired creatures, surroundings and colors and I hope you'll have fun sewing them!

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