Wednesday, January 31, 2018

January Highlights

Gosh...Its already the end of another memorable month of 2018... 

This month has been really awesome.. Not only that my dad came by for a 2 week visit in which I absolutely loved having him with me, but also a month of lots of reflections in this creative path I take. Lots of brainstorming was taken place and as you can see, lots of stationary shopping as a treat! I also started journaling on my very first original Hobonichi journal in which I gifted to myself as a birthday gift last November! It's been such an exciting journey writing on it so far but the only challenge I'm facing at the moment is trying to document my whole day on a A6 page! 

I've been giving myself more pampering time by spending more "me time" with my cousin trying out new gathering places for coffee! And so we found this little corner coffee shop called "Cafe Seis" where they served this delicious Matcha Waffle with strawberries and cream! Ever since becoming a mom, I unconsciously shoved myself aside to attend the needs of my family first. Unaware of these repetitive actions I started to drift away from friends and most importantly, from myself. I got so used to staying at home 24/7 to a point of developing a little a bit of an anxiety just being outdoors! I know it wasn't going to do me any better if I continue neglecting myself so I'm taking small steps to accommodate a self pampering time into my agenda! So far, It's been very enjoyable whether it's coffee time with bestie or just doing a simple manicure at home...I'm starting to learn that self care is very important for your body and spirit and, if safe to say, sanity!

It's been a very creative month as well! So proud in completing 2 custom orders for a friend and a brand new Etsy pattern! And a lovely surprise by for featuring my Unicorn Pattern in her blog! Thank you, Stephanie! 

Well, friends, a new month is fast approaching and I'm wishing you all that it will be full of wonderful times to remember, lots of lovely surprises, less art blocks and may you stay always happy and safe! See you in February!

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