Friday, January 26, 2018

New Etsy Pattern - Mermaid Felt Mobile Garland/ Banner

New Etsy Update! Yes! I finally completed this project that I was so longing to see it whole and hanging and now it's finally up in the shop! This marks a beginning of a new year for Crafters Boutique Handmade with new designs and new techniques! This was a improvised version of my existing Cookie Mermaid pattern and I like this so much more! What do you think? Loving those gradient effects on felts and embroidered eyes.. Just makes everything so magical! 

Life is always about learning... We're always learning! And I love learning new techniques, to be inspired and in which I always try to improve every aspect of the artistic side of me. So with new designs coming in, I decided to start retiring some from the shop...starting with my Mermaid Cookie Pattern. I'm offering 50% discount on the Mermaid Cookie Pattern for a very limited quantity, which means that once the stock is finished, the pattern is gone. Its a great deal so hope to see you there!

Hope you guys enjoy this new pattern! Till next time!


  1. Hello Carol, can you pls tell me how are you creating the 2 Colors, like the mermaid tale? Thx

  2. Hello! Sorry for the late reply! I simply used dried pastels and a dry makeup sponge to achieve the gradient effect :)


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