Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Working with Felt - Applique Stitch

This month's embroidery basics will be dedicated to one of my most used and favorite stitches...the applique stitch. Many of you might know by now that I'm quite a big fan of this versatile stitch. Super easy, clean and visually appealing... and a perfect stitch for beginners!

What's Applique Stitch?
Applique comes from the French word appliquer which means 'to put on'. It's basically defined more as a technique rather than a stitch itself. It's a sewing technique where a smaller piece of fabric/felt is placed on top of a larger piece of fabric/felt then sewn together to create an illusion of a picture. It's traditionally used among patch workers and quilters ( and by us...felt artists!). You'll discover that there are in fact other different styles and techniques  from easy to challenging levels to use applique but I'll show you the basics of all to get you started :)

↠2 Pieces of felt ( one large and one small)
↠Embroidery thread

Step 1.
On this tutorial, we are working with a square shaped felt. The same technique is applied to all shapes
Place your small felt onto your bigger piece of felt. Take your needle and insert the needle from behind and pull.

Step 2. 
Because we are working with a square shape, we'll insert the needle through one of the square's corner. Pull.

Step 3.
And you have you first stitch!

Step 4.
Continue your stitches following step 1.

Step 5.
To finish up, slide the needle underneath 3-4 stitches and cut your thread.

 And there you have it...Your first appliqued piece! Now lay as many pieces you want over each other and create beautiful felt pictures <3

See you on the next Embroidery Basics!

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