Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Spring Colors...and Bubbles!

There's enough evidence that our beautiful Spring is finally settled but It would be great if the weather was as cheery like it was during this day... 
Last weekend we went to unwind our minds for a afternoon stroll in one of my favorite gardens in Macau - The Lou Lim Iok Garden. And lucky enough, they were holding the flower festival in which showcases various flower species, mainly orchids, around the garden. I was just glad to have brought the camera along! 

It was such a fine afternoon that day so I spent a good hour snapping photos of my loves enjoying their time under the warm sun running and blowing bubbles. Just the look of her face says it all!

The weather is slowly but opening up leaving behind those cloudy and foggy days. It's raining at this very moment but I can see clear skies ahead this week...and hopefully to linger around for sometime as I miss the sunny days so much!
There is much to do at my little craft corner. I'm slowly making some pattern tracing and sewing for my next PDF pattern. I've also been using my sewing machine during the past few weeks in which I've done a few small projects that I will show you all somewhere next time when I feel ready to reveal them hehehe! Not the perfect machine sewn stuffs but I'm feeling pretty good of my sewing skill progress and I'm liking the fact that I'm actually completing projects and not setting them aside so that they'll be later forgotten!

I'm a few minutes away of leaving the house to fetch my little one from Kindergarten. So I'm wishing you all a lovely day from where you are and see you all again next time 💜

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