Monday, May 22, 2017

Free Pattern of The Month - Gameboy Card holder

Just a few days ago I was reliving the 90's by looking at some pictures through the internet that summed up my whole childhood. Looking back at those pictures brought me so much good memories which I couldn't help but feel nostalgic! 

The Gameboy is the ultimate definition of the 90's..and although I've never own one myself ( I use to own a Super Nintendo by the way!), I still felt a great connection between it and my childhood. A childhood friend of mine, with whom I fortunately still have contact with, used to own not one but three Gameboys! And I remember spending my weekend afternoons in his home playing Popeye and Super Mario on the couch while our mothers would play cards in the living room. Oh, the sweet innocent carefree years!

So this month's free project I couldn't help but feel inspired with the 90's and of course, our fun little Gamboy. This time let's try something new for a change and get those embroidery skills to the test!
This project uses three of the embroidery stitches that I have previously posted - The blanket stitch, french knot and the applique stitch.

So, are you ready?
  • Felts
  • Embroidery threads matching felt color
  • Scissors and needle
  • Universal Glue

Step 1.
Applique stitch the 'screen back' onto 1 'Gameboy'.

Step 2.
Applique the rest of the Gameboy's details.

Step 3.
Make a small french knot with double strands for the power light. 

Step 4.
Stack the 'Gameboy' cutouts in pairs. Apply drops of glue in each corner to secure them while you blanket stitch on the next step.

Step 5.
Align the 4 'Gameboy' layers together. Take 2 layers from the front and insert the needle from inside of the Gameboy's left top corner. Then, start your blanket stitch by inserting the needle again from behind all 4 layers.

Step 6.
Once you have reached the right corner, take 2 layers from the front and continue your blanket stitch.

Step 7.
On the opposite corner ( top left) , make sure you insert the needle below the very first stitch (for strength purposes) before you continue stitching the back layers. Continue stitching the back layers until you reach the top right. 

And you're done!

This tiny 'device' has a perfect snuggle fit for cards that measures 8.5cm x 5.4cm. Please click the link below and download the pattern. 

Getting those 90's vibes yet?

What are your favorite items from the 90's? Are you a 90's baby?
Gosh, I have tons of good memories from those years... and still wished I could turn back time to enjoy it a little longer! I loved the Sesame Street episodes that would start right when I come home from school every afternoon, then the Art Attack episodes...Oh, what about the Cabbage Patch Babies? Polly Pocket toys? I used to collect them all! In fact, I still have them kept in my mother's home! *sighs loudly* . Although those years are now gone, what's left are just wonderful memories. Thank you to my awesome parents for giving me such a fun and beautiful childhood🍦...and thank you Internet for helping me relive my memories through wonderful pictures of the past!

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