Monday, February 27, 2017

Inspirational Monday - Challenge Yourself

I love self lifting quotes. They are a constant reminder of how special you are. Quotes are a boost of positive thoughts that will always get us through the day making you feel guided and lifted. 

So today's reminder is to challenge yourself. Step out from your comfort zone and explore new territories and paths...the artistic way. Don't we feel accomplished and good when we try something new? Doesn't feel awesome to know that we tried and later on to see that it worked or not for us? Whether the outcome isn't what you expected, what's important here is that we challenged ourselves to try something completely foreign to us to later change our minds to do better next time. 

I remember my first craft fair that I joined a couple of years ago. I always dreamt to be a part of a craft fair where a community of artists would share their biggest love which was handmade crafts. My dream came true after I finally took the courage to step out from my fears ( I'm a very shy person by the way!). I signed the craft fair agreement, together with a artist friend which we shared the same table at the fair, and later saw myself behind my tiny booth selling a mixture of handmade stuff a week later. I generated a little less than $20 SGD ( half of it being hair clips made by my sister-in-law!). I sold 1 small cupcake key chain and a bottled necklace to a friend of mine that came to show her support! No interaction with 'real customers' at all! Now overall, It was not a really good start... For people who are ambitious with the target to sell majority of their crafts, this would be a disaster! But for me, honestly, I had the best time of my life. I made new friends which made me feel super comfortable during my first craft fair, exchanged ideas with other great artisans, made my husband super proud of me and just overall, happiness! My dream finally came true and now I know what's It like to be in a craft fair.. I don't have to wonder how it feels like anymore. I came home that night with my head still over the moon... to find myself smiling when I went to bed.

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