Sunday, February 5, 2017

Free Pattern of the Month - The Love Socks Brooch

"I found my match!" :p

Love is in the air! There is love everyday in this household. And I'm praying, more than ever, that love is in the air for the rest of the world...everyday. 
This months free pattern I introduce to you the "sockmates". A pair of lovable socks that found their way into each others side after a rough spin in the washing machine. On this Valentines, stitch up the other sock for your love mate and show them how happy you are to have found your match! ;)

Hope you enjoy this mini and super easy tutorial!

 Main felts for the socks
 Felt scraps for the cheeks and for the back of the brooch
 Embroidery floss 
 2 pcs of 2mm round b;ack beads for the eyes
 1 pc of 2.5cm brooch
 Water soluble pen
♡ Universal glue

Step 1.
Lay the 'cuff', 'heel' and 'toe' onto 1 piece of  'sock' cutout and applique stitch them all.

Step 2.
To determine the position of the eyes, lay the template onto the sock cutout making sure all corners are aligned. Next, take a thicker needle and poke through the eyes of the template. With a water soluble pen, draw 2 dots through the holes made previously.

Step 3.
Stitch on the round black beads on the dots drawn previously. Make tiny fly stitches for the nose and mouth then make tiny stitches for the eyelashes. 

Step 4.
Glue on the 'cheeks'

Step 5.
Make french knots using colorful embroidery threads. Use double strands for the french knots.

Step 6.
Take a light colored thread and applique stitch the 'cuff' but this time, make longer stitches.

Step 7.
Flip the remaining 'sock' cutout and place the brooch vertically, making sure that the brooch opening is facing downwards. for extra security and strength, stitch through the holes of the brooch. If yours doesn't have holes, skip this step.

Step 8.
Place a small scrap of felt over the base of the brooch and applique stitch the sides.

Step 9.
Combine both sock cutouts and blanket stitch them together :)

And you're done!

Make the other "sockmate" by flipping the pattern horizontally. My little sock measures approx. 8cm x 5.5cm but feel free to resize it to any size you want. If by any chance you make them bigger, turn them into a lovely sock garland by making other socks in different colors and patterns. How fun!

Hope you enjoyed this free little pattern and don't forget to spread the love...always...and everyday!

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