Thursday, February 16, 2017

Colors to Inspire You Today and Everyday

My life here in my blog seem so bubbly and colorful and so full of things to do. And yes, sometimes that is true. But I would be lying If I said that my life is like this everyday. I do too have 'not-so-good' days in which I just want to be in bed the whole day, float around the house and do nothing at all! I have days where I feel such a failure...doubting everything what I have achieved till this day. I have inspiration blocks and it frustrates me. Nothing seems to have sense in anything I create.

But in days like these, I like to step back and just reflect only on the good things that I have accomplished and tell to myself  to go take a break from everything around me and to not be so harsh on myself. Blocks are normal and that everything will fine tune again...
So right now, besides of treating myself with a cup of tea and listening to relaxing spa music, I would like to inspire you with a little splash of color in hopes to reignite your desire to create. I am a big fan of everything colorful... and I try my best to include them always in my everyday life.. and you should too!

These are not my pictures. All images are taken from Pinterest and credits go to the rightful owner. But I thank you for such beautiful photos!
 I will just let everything flow and let go of all these negative emotions. I will take a bit of a break on my crafts and see what comes next :) Until then, wishing you a lovely week filled with colors, magic and sparkles.

"Life is about using the whole box of crayons" - Unknown

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