Sunday, October 16, 2016

My Countryside Retreat...

Hello sweet friends! How I missed to be at this little corner of mine! With this fresh new start, I can't wait to get my hands back to work and to finally start to make those pending projects to finally move!

Since hubby will be starting his new job assignment very soon, we decided to take a little time off travelling before the busy days takes over. This time we ventured off to Philippines to spend some time with my mother and since she lived in the rural areas, we thought it would be a perfect way to spend those 3 weeks around nature to relax our minds and to make up for those 3 years spent apart from mom!
After arriving at the Manila airport in the evening we took the car and hit the road for the next 5.5 hours. The journey was pretty tiring...We crossed heavy showers and pitched dark roads but thank God and his Angels for their protection because, as soon as we knew, we arrived home safe and sound.. and happy to be snuggled in bed at 3 am!
After a tiring night, I woke up to this beautiful scenario... It never bores me to be surrounded with so much greenery! My mother's house is located, literally, in the middle of rice fields and it has such great countryside around it which never fails to make us feel so relaxed, calm and peaceful.

I can't explain why but I never felt tired waking up at 5:30am with the sounds of roosters and insects! everyday seemed to be different even thought I wake to the same landscape everyday..There's something about the countryside that always keep me looking forward to tomorrow and to be asking God for another beautiful day.

For the next 2 weeks we found ourselves driving through neighboring villages, crossing unknown shortcuts, pigging out in local fast food restaurants and savoring my favorite Filipino desserts! We also got the chance to visit Bolinao province, home of the breath taking Patar White Sand Beach. It was my girl's request to go to the beach since it was her birthday that day!

When you're awaken up by cheeky chirping birds on your roof you find yourself surrounded by this beautiful sunrise....

Road trips to narrow roads crossing rice fields with amazing view of mountains and distant farms are also my favorite things to do when you're in the Philippines...and it never fails to find myself in awe with so much beauty around me..
After 2 weeks of sunshine and fun and road trips, the rain decided to take over until the last days of our trip. During endless days of down pouring rains we cozied up at home enjoying mom's home cooking, drinking freshly brewed coffee and staring into the gloomy weather and over the freshly harvested rice fields...
Even in grey days I found it to be surprisingly beautiful and so relaxing. Going to bed and waking up to the sound of raindrops against the rooftop felt like it only happened in the movies... oh, I felt lovingly blessed that instant. 

I left all the craft sessions on hold but I did lots of drawings for future patterns. My mind was overflowing with so much ideas and felt the itch so badly to start sewing again! This was the perfect place to finally sew in peace and I have to admit that I regret big time for not bringing my felts along with me!

But why days goes by so fast when your having fun? Sadly our last day of our country retreat has finally come and now it's time to pack and face another 5.5 hour road trip to the airport and into the chaotic city.

A new life is awaiting us back in Macau and we are more than excited for what life will bring us. It's been such a bumpy and emotional journey for me and my family during the past 6 months being jobless but I'm so thankful and relieved that all our prayers have been answered, that all this fear, doubts and concerns will come to an end to finally get our lives back on track. I thank our families who have supported us with kind words and uplifting advises about being positive and cheerful during difficult times like these.. But above all, I want to thank God and his beautiful angels for opening new opportunities and for guiding us into this new chapter of our lives.
This trip to the Philippines was all about recharging our hopes, minds and to remind us that life is a true blessing even if you have to walk through unknown and fearful roads. We needed a time off with nature to clearly plan out our lives after this very moment.. but most importantly, to give our hearty gratitude to God for listening to all our worries and concerns through our prayers...
So we are so done with this chapter...On to the next next one!

So that's all about my exciting and personal journey in the Philippines. Now let's get my hands back to work!

" The moment
you're ready to
quit is usually the
moment right before the

Don't Give up"

Stay well my friends!

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