Monday, October 24, 2016

New Product in Etsy! - Monogram Sugar Cookie Charm

Hi sweet friends!
I am so excited to announce that a new product is finally listed in my Etsy Shop! It's not a pattern but an actual item that you can actually order and wear it on your bag! 
I've been working on this product for months trying to "mold" it into something where ladies of all ages will enjoy wearing them... and give to others as thoughtful gifts! What a perfect way to add sweetness to your everyday without gaining those extra calories... or caries!

It's an made-to-order item with a few options to make it personally yours <3 Customize it with soft yummy pastel colors as the letter frosting and how you want to hang it on your bag!

Letter A in Pistachio color with Ball Chain finishing
Letter C in Baby Pink color and Lobster Clasp Key ring. Letter B in Ice Blue color and Phone Strap finishing.
The sugar cookies are about 0.7 mm thick. Yummy!
These sweet little treats are available to order here.

So till then my friends!

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