Thursday, September 22, 2016

Free Pattern of the Month - Halloween Pumpkin Brooch

Hello my dear friends! I'll be going for a family holiday on this coming Sunday and I would like to leave you all this lovely gift before I go - A tutorial of how to make this cute little fella...Gotta keep that Halloween spirit flowing, guys!

I'll be away for more than 20 days and, sadly, I won't be bringing my laptop to keep you all posted... But I promise to show you all some photos when I'm back! 


🍁 Main felts for the pumpkin brooch
🍁 Felt scraps for the 'cheeks' and 'stem' 
🍁 Small felt scraps for the felt behind the eyes
🍁 3cm brooch
🍁 1pc pearl bead
🍁 1 flower sequin
🍁 1 small piece of felt to secure the brooch
🍁 Cotton threads to match felts
🍁 Polyfil
🍁 Needles and scissors
🍁 Universal Glue

Step 1.
Cut all patterns and lay it onto the chosen felts.To position the eyes of the pumpkin, take a thicker needle and poke through all corners of the triangle eyes. I do this to avoid folding the pumpkin pattern. 

Step 2.
Take 1 pumpkin cutout and flip. Lay the pumpkin pattern onto the felt pumpkin cutout and, with a water soluble pen, mark the dots through the holes made on the previous step. 

Step 3.
Lay the eye pattern and join the corners to the dots. Draw the eyes using a water soluble pen. Cut out.

Step 4.
Take the felt scraps and place it over the eyes. You can secure it with tiny drops of glue on the edges to prevent it from shifting around.

Step 5.
Flip pumpkin and applique stitch the eye background and the pumpkin's eyes together.

Step 6.
Lay the 'cheeks' and backstitch.

Step 7.
Backstitch the smile.

Step 8.
Lay the 'pumpkin' onto 1 'pumpkin background' and applique stitch all around.

Step 9.
Position the 'stem' and applique on.

Step 10.
Stitch on the flower sequin and the pearl bead.

Step 11.
At the back of the other 'pumpkin background' cutout, lay the brooch at the top center and secure it in position by stitching it through the little holes of the brooch.

Step 12.
Place the little felt scrap over the base of the brooch and applique stitch. This will give a nice neat finish :)

Step 13.
Combine both 'pumpkin background' cutouts and blanket stitch all around but leaving a small entry for the filling.

Step 14.
Lightly fill with polyfil then close shut with blanket stitch.

And you're done!

Hope you enjoy this tutorial and I hope this little fella will awaken your Halloween mood! My little pumpkin brooch is approx. 5.5cm x 7cm but feel free to resize it and turn it into something different <3

So that's it my friends! Wishing you all a wonderful and crafty week! see you all again mid October <3

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