Saturday, September 17, 2016

Kawaii Cat Coffee Mug Sugar Cookie Charm

Hello my dear friends! How have you all been lately? <3
It's blazing hot here in Macau which have become unbearable to go out during the day! What better way to cool off during days like these? Stay at home and happily make crafts with the AC on at full blast! But despite the hellish heat that we're experiencing right now, there's always an excuse to have that piping hot cup of coffee!

So I've decided to make this little cutie cat mug inspired by my love for cats and ,of course, coffee since I've realized that it will be the International Coffee Day in a few weeks! A day to celebrate the love for coffee? Yes! So here it is... a Cat Coffee Mug! I'm still deciding whether or not to sell It's pattern or sell it as a made-to-order item in the future... We'll see.

I'll be busy these few days doing some last shopping for souvenirs and requests from my sister before I go for my long holiday next week. I'll be slightly away for almost a month but I'll try my best to post some photos! My Etsy shop will still be open but If you have any questions regarding my patterns, please do leave me a note on Etsy. It will take me longer to answer since the internet connection in the rural areas are not the fastest or steadiest.. But I'll try my best to reply you as soon as I see them ;)

So till then, my friends!

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