Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Etsy Shop Finally Launched!

It's a celebration week for me! After a year of doubts and fear of failure, I've finally had the courage to make another of my biggest dreams come true! To finally open my Etsy Pattern Shop! It took me lots of thinking and guts and, like I said, one year ++ to make this happen. The thought of having an official online shop scared me to death, specially being in such grand and reputable site like Etsy with thousand of talented crafters and artists out there. But here I am...I made it and so I'm ready to discover where does this new chapter of Crafters Boutique will lead me!

 Year 2013 to 2015 was quite a fun period for me. First, the launch of this little business of mine and , second, to be able to sell my felt works throughout Singapore and Macao. It created a bridge to so many opportunities and beginnings of new friendships that I will always treasure. But selling my finished works wasn't quite fulfilling for me. It did brought me lots of joy sewing all those custom name banners for all my customers and to be able to bring a smile on their faces, the feeling is  just priceless! The thought of doing my very own patterns of drawings that were hidden somewhere in my sketch book was constantly haunting my mind ( in a good way!)... So, I  have to thank 2016 for giving me that push to take action because If I weren't to move country this year, I believe I would still be stuck with custom orders because I seem to not know when I should stop hehehe...

This Fruit Babies pattern finally came to life after its sketch was forgotten somewhere in my craft room. Finding it was a friendly reminder that this should be one of my first patterns that I should work on... And I'm pleased on how it turned out <3

 And why sugar cookies? Well...because they're yummy and cute!!

A little lucky Shamrock ornament won't hurt either.

My patterns are finally available at Crafters Boutique DIY Etsy Shop.

Thank you to those who have viewed, favorited, purchased, reviewed and supported! You guys are awesome!

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