Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Teddy Theme Garland for Jarvis

First order of the month is now completed, wrapped and mailed out. 

Thank you, Jocelyn for your enormous patience and trust! It was a pleasure doing this lovely banner for your baby boy! I'm glad you liked it and hope he will too someday!

I have to give special thanks to all of you girls and boys for your awesome orders. You guys are just amazing...really. Thank you for sticking around and for waiting so patiently for your turn. I know some of you have booked me for some months back, like the lovely Jocelyn, so just want to say that your trust and support means everything to me! Love you all to bits! *kisskiss*

It's now late and I'm sleepy... and off to bed I go. It will be another busy day tomorrow for me...*Blessed*.
Good morning, good afternoon and good evening to the rest of the world. Be always safe and embrace another beautiful day!

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