Friday, November 6, 2015

"Miau Miau" The Rag Doll

So yesterday I was browsing through Pinterest for some machine sewing inspiration and I came across beautiful rag dolls that immediately caught my attention. I needed to make one so badly! Oh my, the design selection was endless! That's the problem with Pinterest, It's just so addictive that the next thing you see yourself doing is just sit on the sofa for hours and forget your household chorus. My inspiration level was shooting through the roof yesterday and the need to make one simple doll was extremely urgent that I forgot to make myself lunch! 

I had all the materials off I went drifting my way to the sewing machine. I designed my first rag doll ever and It took my almost the whole day just sewing it! But I'm feeling pretty good with the end result! Well, not the design I had in mind but my daughter loved it! Oh, did my mention that the main fabric of this doll was my leftover curtain from Ikea? Hooray for fabric leftovers! 

She was thrilled when she saw the finished doll! She even slept with it! Oh and Miau Miau was the name she came up with! <3

Now that I have a bit of rag-doll-making-basics, I feel inspired to do my next one but this time an improved design. I'll add different fabrics and maybe I'll add some cute little summer dresses! I can't wait to get started!

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