Monday, November 2, 2015

I Survived My First Craft Fair!

Many of you know that yesterday I joined my very first craft fair. Wanted to say thank you to a lovely artisan friend, Irene Koh from SoulCraft for inviting me to join her and a big thank you to Artisan Market for allowing it to happen! I'm so happy to be accepted to join this fair.

Yesterday was definitely a fun day but I have to admit that I got quite overwhelmed before the Big Day. What should I prepare? What items should I display? How am I going to design my booth? It was really a nerve wrecking experience to deal with in such a very short period of time. But I'm so thankful it all went wonderfully well, thanks to my lovely husband who helped me to the preps for the booth. Oh, without his carpentry and DIY skills I wouldn't have survived! Thank you Darling!

Looking back at the whole experience, I must say that all the worries and countless hours of working was all worth it! Maybe I would have done some things differently but I would definitely join another craft fair again if given me a chance!

The best part about that day was not about how much or how many items I would sell at the end of the day (crazy right?), instead, I was looking forward for the feeling of what was like joining a craft fair. I was seeking for the excitement and for the experience because, in case you don't know, joining a craft fair was a "to-do" in my life bucket list. And I'm so blessed it finally happened! Words can't explain what an accomplishment it was for me! I met awesome and talented artisans at the fair in which I was so grateful to have made friends with! Thank you all for the lovely environment you all created!

Ok, so everything went pretty well....exceeeeeept (there's always something bad right?) I FORGOT MY CAMERA! How silly of me not bringing the most essential tool ever! Yes, I did bring my phone but the most silliest part was that, because of the excitement, I didn't take that much pictures like I should have! I'm a disaster. Well, I took some...snatching pics of people and their booth but I wanted more! And I was imagining taking awesome and good quality photos with my camera to show you all what a great day it was. Anyways, here's one taking with my phone!

Here's Liz B , Gladys from Hangmade by Gladys and Irene Koh from Soul Craft!

Thank you all once again! Thank you Family, Friends and other vendors for making this fair so fun! And thank you to our lovely shoppers for buying Handmade <3 Without your wonderful support, I wouldn't be here running my little business!

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