Wednesday, August 26, 2015

My Melody for Adele...

After all the drama and headaches last week, It's so good to be back on tracked working on positive things.

When your head is still drifting in outer space or thinking multiple things at the same time, your hands get carried away stitching non stop but you head thinks nothing but your work. So when you're in that moment when you finish your orders, you wrap them up and pack them so that they are ready to be mailed out, you realize that something is completely wrong. So ! look at the photos again to make sure the right orders and being mailed to the rightful owner and...OMG GUYS! I forgot the little pearl beads and flower sequins on the key chain! No wonder It looked so plain! But no worries, Angeline! It's fixed now!!! So lucky I was still at home but I was literally on my way out the door! hihihi..

Here's an adorable banner made specially for baby Adele! Thank you, Angeline for you lovely custom order and congratulations on the arrival of you new baby joy!

Wishing you all sweeties a wonderful weekday ahead!

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