Thursday, August 6, 2015

Little Miss Frog Tutorial

Hooray for my first tutorial ever! You guys have been awesome.. thank you so much for the loving support that you all have been pouring on me. Here's a lovely and super easy tutorial as a thank you gift for you all to make! Hope you like it!

🍩 Universal glue ( I love using UHU glue but you can also use hot glue)
🍩 Main felt for the frog
🍩 Felt scraps for the tummy and cheeks
🍩 A pair of round black beads ( I used 2.5mm beads)
🍩 7cm long of 1cm satin or polyester ribbonto match frog
🍩 8cm long of 3mm satin or polyester ribbon for the bow
🍩 Key ring
🍩 Lobster claw (optional)
🍩 Water soluble pen
🍩 Polyfil

Step 1.
Print the template located at the end of this tutorial. Cut your pattern pieces and lay each one of them into the chosen felts.

Step 2.
Before we start to stitch all the parts together, mark down the position of the eyes using a water soluble pen. Then lay the tummy and cheeks and applique stitch. Make tiny stitches for the eyelashes and nose. Make a tiny fly stitch for the mouth and ,finally, a small cross stitch for the bellybutton.

Step 3.
After stitching the details, It's now for the fun part! You start by combining both body cutouts and blanket stitch them together leaving a small entry for the polyfil. Lightly fill the body then close shut.

Step 4.
Position the ribbon. Apply a small amount of glue to secure it if you wish.

Step 5.
Sew both head cutouts onto the body. Blanket stitch all around leaving a small entry for the polyfil. Lightly fill then close shut.

Step 6.
Blanket stitch the arms and lightly fill.

Step 7.
Sew in the eyes.

Step 8.
Glue the arms and ribbon in their position.

And you're done! Congrats! You just completed a lovely frog key chain!

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  1. Obrigada por disponibilizar o gráfico! Abraço Eli (Brasil - Rio de Janeiro)


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