Thursday, June 25, 2015

Sweet Retreat...

Since I got a bit of a spare time this week, I've decided to take myself back in time by working on some new felt cake jewelry box. For those who don't know, looking at felt cake tutorial books at the bookstore almost 8 years ago was the main reason why I wanted to work with felt so badly. I was so in love with the overload of cuteness those cakes were.. and I still am! 
Its been a long time since I last did felt cakes and when I do, I feel a tremendous gratefulness and so thankful that I found inspiration from those books that led me to be who I am today as an artisan.

So, to relive those wonderful moments, I've decided to work on this little project. I recycle everything that are small containers here at home! I love keeping biscuit and mooncake tin boxes, plastic containers and everything that looks "squarerish" with a nice flat surface that has a good chance of being transformed into jewelry box!

Soon I'll be transforming this plastic box which contained a computer mouse into a lovely Lemon and Raspberry Cake. 

I'll work on Pictorials in the near future on my other cake projects :) 

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