Monday, June 22, 2015

Garden Heaven

After 2 years in Singapore, I finally took my family to the Gardens by the Bay! And oh boy...It was magical! Not to mention that my daughter went crazy when she started to hear all of her favorite nursery rhymes where all corners of the dome was filled with beloved characters such "Mary had a Little Lamb", "Mary, Mary Quite Contrary", "Old Mcdonald Had a Farm", her favorite "Humty Dumpty" and many more that I lost count! 

Nursery rhymes in the garden? Well, I got to know that Gardens by the Bay will be showing off a few displays this year. This month I got lucky to witness this amazing "Flowery Fun Times" display were thousands of flower species flooded the entire first level of the dome. To make it even magical, nursery rhyme characters were on display as well making me and everyone else revive our childhood.

Having a weekend off from the crafts was what I needed. I almost forgot how fun it was being with my family with my head clear from orders and work. I can say that I felt like a normal person! So starting from July onwards, I will no longer be working during weekends. Hooray!!

Ok...Brace yourselves as I will be flooding my blog with pictures!

Flowers that we impossible to not photograph. They all became my favorite!

Yup! Me and my beautiful family with Mother Goose!

The view to the "Flowery Fun Times" display

Too bad the Little Old Lady wasn't around! But we could't resist taking a picture of her lovely home.

Old Mcdonalds farm animals just behind his cottage

Before the magical tour through the enchanted gardens, our first stop was the top level where they displayed a completely whole different world, The Plants of the Desert! Which, in fact are my favorite!

These are 2 trees where you can only see them in some regions in Africa. But we have them inside a dome in Singapore! It was amazing! I remember first seeing them when I was browsing in the Internet and I thought they were photoshoped!

But I guess the best feature of the Gardens by the Bay was indeed, the indoor waterfall. Was too magical to explain!

And lastly, I would want to thank this special man that I proudly call my Husband. Sorry for forgetting it was Father's Day yesterday... Makes me feel like a terrible wife! 
Thank you so much for everything that you have done for me, Lara and for our two little furry kids. For your love, dedication, hardwork to keep our family well fed, warm and happy. Thank you for your amazing support on my crafts, to allow me to stay at home to take care of our girl and to work what I love without a single complain. And thank you for your enormous patience as I take every little space of our office room with all my felts, ribbons, fabrics, papers, buttons, you name it!! I love you to the moon and back! Happy Father's Day my dear...never change, sweet man!

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