Monday, June 8, 2015

Sister Garlands for Nakeisha and Narelyn

Hi Sweeties! How was your weekend spent? Hope all is well!

To start up a new month, 2 lovely garlands made for 2 sisters are completed, wrapped and ready to be delivered!

Sometimes my customers have a hard time deciding what theme would suit best for their children's/ or friend's personality. Some will go for a complete theme, such as the woodland theme or Jungle safari, some will go totally random by selecting their favorite objects in life and incorporate it into the banner/ garland. But that's for me the fun part but yet very challenging! Hihihi!

So thank you, Eugene for this lovely custom order! I hope I've met all your expectations and hopefully the girls will love It too!

adorable cow template originally designed by Erica Catarina.

Wishing you all wonderful Monday!

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