Sunday, May 31, 2015

Work in Progress

I love taking shots of WIP. For me it feels like a lovely memory to keep. When I post photos like these, my friends often ask me how do I manage my time for crafts. Well, It's no big news to other stay-at-home-mom-wife-crafter that it is very tiring trying to balance home life and business life in one place. 

But how do I do it? So here's a sneak on my daily life:

My day starts when my daughter wakes up, literally when the sun rises. We have breakfast and watch morning cartoons together until 9:00 am. We play, do some paintings and crafts then I'll leave her to play alone while I do my household chores. Of course, she follows me whenever I go as she hates to be alone so imagine me doing household chores with a crying toddler grabbing my shirt or grabbing the vacuum hose! By the time I finish cleaning up the place, It's already nearly noon time and now It's time for lunch. I cook lunch for both of us or when I'm very tired or lazy I'll just do take away ( I'm just so thankful I live just beside a coffee shop or Kopitiam as we say it in Singapore!). After lunch, we watch a bit more of cartoons and my favorite show "Ghost Adventures"! We read books together and play some more until her nap time at 2:30pm. As soon as she's in the room ready for a nap, with lots of struggling and fussiness of course, I immediately go to my craft room and work on my orders. I love managing my agenda by sorting out different tasks such as drawing templates in one day, printing cutting templates in one day, tracing the templates on felt on another day, cutting, sewing all small details, etc. My daughter only naps for an hour or an hour and a half so I have very limited time. So a good time management is necessary in order not to waste precious time. By the time she wakes up, she has a afternoon milk and I'll go dress up so that we can go to the playground or do work related task such as meeting with customers who come to pick up their orders or simply going out for a walk to the post office to mail out packets. By the time I finish with the outdoors, we go home and play some more, watch Sesame Street and other cartoons while I fold up my laundry and clean up bits that lay around the house. By 6:00 pm I start preparing dinner. We have dinner at 7:30 pm and I watch E! channel while my daughter struggles to get my attention. Picking up toys, cleaning sticky stains, spills on the floor, diaper changing, crying and tantrums goes on until 9:00 pm. I give her a warm bath, she drink milk before going to bed and the struggling starts again once I put her to bed. With screaming goes inside her room, I go clean up the kitchen, clean the house some more and I go shower. By the time I get out of the shower, my daughter is asleep and I go to the craft room to continue what I left unfinished during the afternoon. My eyes are shutting down, my back starts aching then I realized its already 00:30 and I go to bed... exhausted. And a new day will start in 6

Would I change it? Never... 

So here's a sneak  on what I'm currently working on.

Another lovely My Melody themed monogram for Josephine. Loving the soft spring colors.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

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