Tuesday, May 26, 2015

My Melody Theme Felt Monogram

One more order down and the last for this amazing month!

This cutie is now ready to be handed over to it's new owner. I have to confess that I do get a bit sentimental when I mail orders away.. It's like sending kids to college! *teary eyes* Nothing makes me more satisfied to see my customers happy with their custom orders. It makes all those late night hours working worth it. 

As the afternoon ends, my cheeky daughter will start waking up from her nap and I will be back to my normal life routine. Endless playing, clean up the mess, cook dinner, clean some more, play time again, take her for a bath, struggle to get her teeth brushed, put her to bed. I then clean the kitchen, I go shower and then I realized it's already 11 pm and I need to go back to work. But I guess I would never trade it for anything else... I'm truly blessed :')

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