Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Elyse's WIP banner

So here's a sneak  on how I do my patterns. I just cannot figure out how to make those professional looking ones made on Inkscape or Illustrator.  Im a very hands on person so I like doing things "manually".

I make most of my patterns. If patterns are not mine, I'll give the credits to the original artist of course :)

So here's how I make them:
I draw final sketch of pattern with different colors for different areas - I trace the patterns on a tracing paper ( I like to use Sharpie pens as they dry very quickly) - glue tracing paper on a thicker paper ( i use 300gr kraft paper) -  cut them - trace on felt with a felted pen ( I use black ink Mitsubishi pens).

After cutting them, I like to keep them in a small plastic sealed sheet with a label.

Can you guess what theme I'm currently working on?
I can't wait for this one <3

2 keychains mailed out a few days ago.
Thanks, Mal!

W - Coral, E - Lilac
Wising you all sweeties a wonderful week!

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