Saturday, March 31, 2018

March Highlights

Spring is finally here! And it's presence can be felt everywhere from the blossoming of beautiful bright flowers to the arrival of swallows that excitedly begin shaping their nests underneath rooftops. The weather is definitely changing to this comfortable warm temperature cooled with the gentle breeze and I can't help but put on spring dresses to get into the mood! 
Life at home has been predictable everyday since it's still school season in Macau. My craft sessions however have been slowed down and I was only able to complete a pattern just in time for Easter. Lots of brainstorming has been taken place , lots of sketches have been laid on paper but I just felt an enormous void this month that kept me away from putting my hands on action. I felt so uninspired like I felt something missing, something wrong with everything I was doing. But nothing was wrong... and I guess it's normal to have these occasional art blocks! Well, not to mention the headaches I've been having due to weather changes!
Another reason to love this month, is because It marks our wedding anniversary! Woohoo! And on that day, we got to revisit the restaurant where our love story began! It was truly a very special night! Thank you, to my sweet husband for showering me with gifts, flowers and so much love!

Easter is just around the corner and I'm wishing you all a pleasant holiday filled with laughter, love and lots of chocolate eggs! I'll be planning my Easter menu in awhile as I'm very excited to have family members visiting for lunch tomorrow! Hope everything goes well with my roasted beef! 

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