Sunday, January 8, 2017

New Etsy Pattern - Beach Treasures..

I know it has been awhile since I took a break from my Etsy patterns due to apartment moving, unpacking boxes and ,overall, trying to finally settle down. My house doesn't entirely feel like home yet as I am still on the hunt for the perfect furniture to match the house which I can only afford to buy 1 set of furniture per month end! I don't have a dining table , chairs, cabinets to store my junk ( thank God we found, at least, a sofa at a bargain!) nor I have a working desk! So the floor has been my current working surface.. not the best place or comfortable posture but It's better than doing nothing at all hehe!

So the cold is finally settling in Macau ( Finally! Does 22C count as cold?) and I'm missing summer already. I miss the sun block and the salty ocean smell. So to comfort my summer blues, I was looking through my phone in which photos of my last vacation to Philippines slides by. Ah.. that blue ocean and white sand.. So I felt that inspiration to create this lovely and fun pattern to remind me of those best Summer moments. And who doesn't love adding a little bit of the beach at home?

You can find the pattern here .

Well, friends, till next time. I'm off to trace more patterns and do some work on lists in my agenda. Wishing you a lovely weekend from where you are <3

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