Monday, January 2, 2017

Free Pattern of the Month - Chinese Lantern Felt Ornament

Hello my dear friends! Hope your new year passage have been a blast! I stayed at home all day with my loved ones and ,as usual, I always have my hands busy on something related to work -_- something not entirely healthy when you're suppose to relax your mind and enjoy the day with your family! But oh well... how can we possibly ignore work when we actually live in our workplace? Is the struggle real or is it just me?

I know that the new year celebration has passed for some, but in some countries in Asia, the new year is just about to begin! It's the most important time of the year to have the whole family to celebrate as one! So for this months free pattern, I decided to get that festive feeling rolling by giving you all this lovely Chinese lantern to make. Why not start the new year colorful as this lantern?

🍑 Main felts and patterned felt for the lantern ( I got my patterned felt from Daiso)
🍑 3 pcs of 4mm beads
🍑 embroidery floss or nylon cord (used in this tutorial)  in various colors for the tassel ( I got my nylon cords from Daiso)
🍑 2 pcs of 15 cm long nylon cord for the top and bottom hanging part of the lantern
🍑 1 pc of 10 cm long cord
🍑 Embroidery floss matching felts
🍑 Scissors and needle
🍑 Universal Glue

Step 1 and 2.
Wrap the red nylon cord or embroidery floss 10 times around the index and middle finger. Next, wrap the yellow cord around 6 times.

Step 3 and 4.
Take the pink cord and wrap around 4 times and the blue cord around 3 times.

Step 5.
Take 1 pc of the 15 cm long cord and insert through the cord wraps. Make double knot to secure.

Step 6.
Take the 10 cm long cord and do a double knot.

Step 7.
With a sharp scissor, insert through hoops and cut.

Step 8.
Trim off excess.

Step 9. 
Slide in the beads then make a knot on the loose ends of the cord.

Step 10.
Take the remaining 15 cm long cord and make a knot on the loose ends. Place it in the middle top of the patterned felt and sew it on to secure it in place. Do the same to the tassel.

Step 11.

Combine both 'top' cutouts and blanket stitch them together. Do the same to the 'bottom'.

Step 12.
Apply a little strip of glue on the 'top and bottom' and lay both in place.

Step 13.
Lay 1 'lantern' cutout and applique stitch the patterned felt and 'lantern' together. Please do take note that only 1 'lantern' cutout has the middle see through part removed.

Step 14.
Combine the other 'lantern' cutout and blanket stitch them together.

And you're done!! Yay! These lanterns are now ready to hang! 

They look equally good either stuffed with polyfil or flat so you get to decide which one suits best :) Hope you enjoy this mini tutorial and I hope it awakens your Chinese New Year spirits! Go ahead and resize it to any size you wish <3

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