Sunday, August 7, 2016

An Afternoon Walk

The past few days have been a mix between so many temperatures from low to high, from rainy to sunshine. With all the weather and climate juggling it sure got me and my family under the weather these past few days and with a stuffy nose and a irritable toddler, doing crafts is the last thing you want to do.

It's typhoon season in Macao as predicted during every August to October. After a week of heavy showers and blasting winds it sure feels good to be out of the house and enjoy this beautiful weather today to freshen up our lungs!  So this time, we decided to go for a stroll to one of my very favorite gardens - Lou Lim Ieok Garden.

I've been coming to this very garden since I was a little girl. I remember my mother would stay at home and my father would take me and my siblings out for a walk after lunch... and he would always bring his camera along to snap photos of us playing and running around. You can't help but feel nostalgic during moments like this... And now It's my turn to bring my family here!

The season of the lotus flower is almost over. At the beginning of the season, the ponds are flooded with these majestic flowers.. not only it attrack butterflies but photographers too!

Underneath these gigantic leaves are the home of thousands of fishes and turtles...waiting for you to feed them too! 

One of the main attractions of the garden is this elegant nine turn bridge. Nine being a number for longevity in the Chinese culture.

I love going through these rockeries. They remind me of ancient ruins abandoned in time. It's a mini maze with stairs leading you to gentle water streams forming small beautiful waterfalls...

I try to spend most of my spare time connected with nature. It's a powerful boost for creativity if you ask me. It's where all my inspirations come from. The soft breeze brushing through the weeping willows and tall bamboos delivers such  great feeling of tranquility filling your mind nothing but peace.
I love observing people around me. I feel so connected when I see the elderly gently chatting, feeding the fishes and napping under the shade while softly listening to Chinese intrumental music. The giggles of my girl while she picks flowers and blow bubbles to the pond are pure serenity to me... A great way to end the day <3

Hope to have great days ahead so I can keep sharing precious moments like this with you all. But 'till then keep safe and well my friends.

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