Friday, October 30, 2015

Yarn Wreaths - Cozy Up Your Little Home

I strongly agree when there is a touch of 'handmade' at home, It instantly feels warm welcoming and cozy. A handmade item is just so much more meaningful...there's the effort, the care and, importantly, the love. Agree?
And I find yarn wreaths to capture that goodness of the 'handmade' meaning. They're cozy, they're so welcoming, they're just perfect to add the 'home' feeling to any home. And I simply love them...

Here's my little cheeky monkey having fun with my wreaths.. Oh my she couldn't stop giggling!

I know when people see wreaths, they instantly think of hanging them straight on the door. But you can display them in different ways and still feel It's warmth <3
This mini easel stand was $1.74 at Art Friend.

 Here she is again! Hope nothing is damaged until the fair on Sunday!

 "You can't buy Love, but you can buy Handmade and that's kind of the same thing."

Wishing you all a blessed day, 

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