Saturday, October 17, 2015

Restock and New Items - Behind the Scenes

Hi sweeties! How have you all been lately? I'm pretty good myself, in fact, I've been super happy and excited these past few days! 

I'm preparing these lovely pieces for a special event and, oh boy, I'm having such a blast! The adrenaline and the excitement is just killing me already! And I'm loving all these bursts of colors that are all over my studio! Can't wait to announce the BIG BIG day!

 I can never get enough of this cute adorable cupcakes designed by Erica Catarina! Thank you for allowing us to use this awesome pattern we all love!

My mini hoops are making their first debut on this awesome day! Finally a dream come true where I have the chance to show them off! Working on these hoops but more to come! These pictures are just a partial part of my sewing madness these days!

Time to head back to the studio and make more awesome stuff! See you all in the next post!

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