Thursday, July 9, 2015

Sewing Letter by Letter...

It's so rewarding when you are able to choose all the colors, combining them with different materials, to give life to a project. It's even more rewarding when you make customers happy... It makes my soul smile! When you are surrounded by positive and kind people you just want to create even more and new ideas start to burst out of your ears like fireworks! But, unfortunately, I do have melt downs as well...There were days that I felt like quitting and throwing everything down the drain. Sad to say that not everybody understands how time consuming a handmade item can be or how people depend on their handmade business to support their families." I'm in a rush, can you do it faster?"," Why does it take so long?!", "Why are your stuff so expensive?", "I'm not paying that price for this.."are often comments that, sadly, I have to deal with. But, negativity not always stays around. I'm pretty lucky to have that little voice inside of me reminding myself that this was all I wanted... to make handicrafts and sell them. So to people who don't appreciate, please do get out of my little space and shop somewhere else. I spend hours and hours working on a single banner. I lose sleep trying to finish your orders on time. If I work 12 hours I have to charge accordingly, right? Would any of you like to get paid for 3 hours of work when you put in 12? I don't think so. So, please...seriously...get out and stop making me feel guilty for wanting to get paid accordingly and to run my business like a business. 
But I guess this is all handmade artist greatest problem right?

When drama like this happens, I'm just so lucky to have customers who stick around and support me. Your kind words are truly appreciated. Truly. I thank every single one of you who follow me and share my works with friends and family. Thank you so much!
And sorry for not accepting anymore orders for this year. Due to high demand, my agenda is now fully booked. I wish I had clones of me so I can take all of your orders and make everyone happy! But as soon as new slots are open, It will be announced. So stick around!

So here's a sneak peek on Areina's princess banner to-be. Isn't a beautiful name?

And yes, that little container on the right is indeed a medicine container. I love storing sequins in them or anything tiny and in small quantities. 

Now I can't wait to work on this banner and finish it on time for Areina's baby shower <3

Kiss to all you lovelies who stops by!

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