Saturday, July 25, 2015

One Stitch At A Time

YAY! The weekend is here!! Hope you all are having an awesome Saturday, I know I am! Since I'm not working on my orders during my "off days" I like to work on other projects for myself. While I'm home, enjoying the company of my husband and my daughter, I love to sit all day on the sofa surfing in Pinterest (ugh...highly addicting!) searching for new inspirations for new hobbies. I love handmade... It's just something about me that loves everything that will takes time to complete, specially when are crafts done with your very own hands. It's just so fulfilling and so satisfying, and not to mention It's a stress reliever more like a therapy! 

I felt so inspired to start learning embroidery art. Since I had hoops and cloths laying around at home, I decided to make use of them...finally! Sometimes you can create wonderful things with stuff that you already have at home!
I had this mini hoop that I bought from Spotlight, a mini easel from Art Friend and linen cloth from Daiso.. and so I started to have that urge to start creating!

I follow this amazing embroidery artist in Instagram called "rehabbedhandmade". She does beautiful and stunning pieces of art and I came accross one that I loved alot so I decided to create my own but inspired by hers.

Voila! After a few hours, I finally completed my very first embroidery hoop that now sits on my new shelf at home. I must say I'm pretty proud how it turned out!

I came across a doll house shelf online which I wanted to purchase.. It was much smaller than this and it costed about $69 excluding shipping fee. 
I agreed with my husband that he could make one for me so off he went to buy wooden planks,nails, screws ans the water soluble varnish from Daiso. I never knew my husband had such great carpentry skills! He created this beautiful doll house shelf for me that costed a bit more than $30! LOL! Oh yeah... there's my hoop!

What are you lovelies doing this weekend? 

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