Sunday, July 27, 2014

Thank you, Selma!

It was such a fun month of July! Lots of work and I loved it! It was a whole month dedicating almost for a single order hihihi.. Thank you so much Selma for your trust and patience and congratulations for the arrival of little Kayden! Hope the little ones will love all these fun and adorable banners and wreath we made for them!

For Lara
Felt name banner for baby Lara. Did I mention our daughters have the same name? hihihi

Felt letters are about 10cm tall.

Made with felt, cotton embroidery floss and pearl beads. 

For Celia

15cm wreaths wrapped with acrylic and nylon yarn in this soft melon green shade

Lady bugs made with felt. Her black spots were done by french knots and fishing lines for her antennas then small black beads glued at the tip.

Free hand-drawn embroidery letters.

For Jayden

For Kayden

Little adorable horse since Kayden was born on the Year of the Horse.

I'm simply in love with these colors. Modern and fun! It reminds me so much of Summer!

...and now they're on their way to a new home to brighten up their rooms...

The bird and the little horse were designed by the talented Erica Catarina with free permition to use them.
If you want these templates visit here -> Farm Animals by Erica Catarina.

And that's It! Alot of work but it was so worth it! Wish I had more customers like her! hihihi
Till next time and happy sewing!!!

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