Friday, August 1, 2014

"E" for Esther

Thank you so much, Esther!
 Hope you will love the monograms as much I loved making them for you! I loved It from the beginning process till the end!
I wish you all the best to you and future hubby!

Lovely bright orange to match Esther's wedding theme color.

These monograms are 15cm tall. Made with felt, cotton embroidery floss, assorted acrylic beads and sequins.

A pop of purple shades to make a contrast with the orange.

One of the most exciting parts of an order are the packaging times! I love these gift wrappers my husband bought many years back in Thailand at the JJ market. I love them not only because they're gorgeous but because they are handmade wrappers from recycled paper! And of course, he couldn't resist so he bought tons of paper with lots of designs and now my craft room looks like a stationary shop. The strings (which i have no idea what material they are) are also from the market and he bought a bag of them with thousands of strings inside! I know now that I will never run out of packaging material!
Finish of your packaging by buying kraft paper bags from Daiso. They are cheap, adorable, comes in 5pcs and they give such a crafty look and they come with different sizes too!

And there goes my last order of July :) Looking forward for the next coming months!! hihihi...
Hope you guys had a crafty month like I did!
Till the next post!!

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